TTOT #8 (for me...approx)

I think I have linked up with TTOT about 8 times now. I looked on my blog, and although I didn't count all of them, I figured from the time I first posted until now has been about 8 times.

1. I am thankful for my husband who takes care of me. My back is KILLING me today (from carrying groceries, I am assuming..) and brought me in a hot water bottle. I am also thankful that he makes decisions for me when I don't know what or if I should do. Don't get me wrong, I make me own decisions most of the time, but sometimes, I ask for his opinion, or he can see that something may nor may not work (and I am not talking about him being a pessimist or a downer), and encourages to do or not to do something.
2.  I am thankful for friends. I met with my girl friends twice over last wknd, and I am mtng up with them today for coffee. I love my friends.
3. I am thankful for the rain. We got some rain this past week, and it was received with much  gratification. The weather has also cooled down, which has been wonderful.
4. I am thankful for new job opportunities. I don't have a new job yet, but there have been a few this week that I have applied to.
5. I am thankful for Long Weekends. The store is closed this wknd. I am looking forward to a 3 day wknd of laying low.
6. I am thankful that our B.C. Lions won the game last night. I watched only a few minutes of it, but kept abreast of it through Facebook updates and hubby's yells and screams (ok, not really but I am trying to make this wordy).
7. I am (sometimes) thankful that I don't have teenage kids who may have watched the VMA's on Sunday night. I am thankful that any children that I may have may or may not like the current singers of today, if you can all them that. I am also thankful that I didn't watch them. What a waste of time that is.
8. I am thankful that Fall TV is nearly on. I know that is shallow, but I am kind of grasping at straws of things to be thankful for this Saturday. I don't have a lot of shows that I watch on a regular basis, but the few that I do watch, well, I am happy that they are back.
9. I am thankful for C0stco. They have cheap(er) gas, cheaper magazines, and free food samples. Yah, I know, again, it is shallow, but lately, it is the little things, people.
10. I am thankful for the library. I think I have mentioned this before, but I love our local library. It is a free way to enjoy movies, book, magazines without having to buy or rent:)
I think this is the first time that I have had to think of things to be thankful for. It isn't because I am not thankful, but because I think I had to think of things that I haven't mentioned before, and maybe because I had to think of stuff to be thankful for this week....:) It has been a bit of a stressful week, job hunting wise...just over all frustrated, but I have already talked about that, so I won't bore you again:)
Happy Saturday!


Considerer said…
I'm glad you were able to find some new things to add to your list - I know it can be hard, but I want the hop to be a *bit* challenging, to make people think and get the 'gratitude attitude' going.

I still love how much you love books. And I'm really pleased that you have such a kind husband to look after you. I hope your back starts feeling better soon - it sounds miserable to be in so much pain. Sending you best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Yaumara Lindo said…
Hi April!
Great List! I am visiting you from the Let's Be Friends Blog Hop. I look forward to reading your posts and following your adventures!
I am now following you via GFC.

I'd love for you to visit my blog and follow back as well.
My link is:

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Florida, USA
Having a night out with girlfriends can bring you such sanity, can't it? I love my Girls Night Out.

My 14 year old daughter, who was a huge Hannah Montana fan, watched that bit on the VMA's, said Miley's tongue was gross, none of it would look so bad if she hadn't gotten the stupid haircut, and she was a terrible twerker.
Zoe Byrd said…
In response to your hubby point of view on things...very important...sometimes I just need someone to tell me when I shouldn't do something...just aa important as when I should. OMG I cant remember what else struck me... hang on I will go back and check! HA!
Zoe Byrd said…
Oh yeah, the library and rain... Its thundering here right now and I am thankful my old doggie is newly deaf as it used to freak him out and now he is sleeping right through it.... I love thunderstorms but always felt bad for him!

The library is one of my favorite places. We have a one roomer in our town but strangely it has everything. If it doesn't they will get it and fast! It reminds me of that carpet bag in Mary Poppins where she just keeps yanking bigger and more things from it!
clark farley said…
"...of it through Facebook updates and hubby's yells and screams (ok, not really but I am trying to make this wordy)."

I will keep these words for encouragement, thank you for your honesty!

I have a very tough time with these lists (even when I get all 'non-traditional' on writing the lists) so it is good for me to hear that someone else thinks along similar lines.
Kristi said…
I don't think it's shallow to be thankful for small things. It might be shallow to think little things are necessities, but somehow when one is grateful for even the smallest of things, that is an admirable trait--not petty.
Josie Two Shoes said…
I think it's important for us all to realize that it IS the little things, the hundreds of little things we take for granted, like the library or air-conditioning, or even the clean smell of sheets, that makes life feel good and meaningful. So what if you repeat now and then, they you're still feeling the effects of that blessing! I've started making a daily list on my phone, then by Saturday I'm ready to write it up without starting from scratch. I hope this finds you feeling better now!

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