Ten Things of Thankful

Well, at this moment, I am in a bit of a funk...three of my siblings are leaving to go and move out East..one of them is going to Europe. So, I feel a bit melancholy today. I may be grasping at straws as to what I am thankful for today...

1. Job Hunting: I sent off three resumes yesterday. I am very happy. I REALLY hope that something comes along in my field SOON. I am getting a bit worried/anxious right now.

2.  My job update: I quit my old/new job (not the store). I figured that I needed to quit it for a couple of reasons; if I don't leave, I never will. I won't find a job, because it will just be easy to stay there, and; I really am frustrated by what is going on there. So, I gave them my notice...next week is my last week.

3.  Holidays (sort of): We are closing the store for a week. I actually get a couple of FULL days off next week! I hope to lie around, and watch all the movies/dvds/series/pvr'd shows that I have been waiting to be watched. As it is, I had to get give a few of the movies and books back to the library, as I didn't have time to read/watch them. I also hope to do some SERIOUS job searching this week. Oh, and I hope to get to the beach at least once this week, too.

4. BBT 4th Season: I FINALLY got the 4th seasons of Big Bang Theory! It is all I can do to NOT watch it at the store..haha:) Hubby and I watched a few PVR'd episodes last night. We laughed at all 4 of them that we watched.,

5. Various Books and movies. I am planning on getting all of NP's movies. Somewhere. Somehow. I will get them. I also got a couple of Danielle Steel's books from VV today..and I also got a dvd that hubby has been wanting. Also the books I am and was (I had to give back DS' new book back to the library) reading have been great. I love reading. And watching  movies.

6. The Hubby. He has really made me happy this week. Yah, he flaked out on me on Thursday, and didn't go to the concert with me, but he said we would do something either today or tomorrow, but he has been really stepping up this week. He made supper for us last night..even though my job was pretty quiet, he offered to do that for me:) We watched BBT together...and he also moved and cleaned the old stove (see yesterdays post), and cleaned under the old stove in preparation for the new stove. He also steam cleaned our carpet this week. He also talked me down/calmed me down the other day, when I was having a bit of a meltdown. I called him crying because I was stressed thinking of all the stuff that we have to do (we have a lot on our plate right now). He calmed me down and told me not worry about it, and not to take it on...and do one thing at a time:) He doesn't always listen and understand me, and he sometimes gets a bit annoyed at me, but he was really sweet this time.

7. Old Friends: I got a LOOOONG email from an old friend of mine.  I am so happy that she still considers me a good friend. It made feel all warm and fuzzy all over..haha:) Seriously, though, I am so happy that she remembers our times together with fondness, and still thinks I am cool enough to be her friend (she is a former model..and GORGEOUS!) It is nice to know that I have made an impact on someone's life.

8. Magazines: I got my Canadian Living Magazine the other day. I didn't think I was going to like the new layout of the mag, but I looked through this months, and it is really good!

9. Forgotten Clothing: I looked in my drawer today for a camiselle to wear with my top today, and I discovered that I had a black one with the tags still attached. Have no idea where that came home, or when I got it...anyway...I like it. It is pretty.

10. The concert: I was able to go to an outside concert on Thursday night. Two country singers; Bobby Wills and Dallas Smith were there, and they were both amazing! It rained, but that didn't the spirits:) I only wished hubby could have come with me...oh wel.


Zoe Byrd said…
Not bad for grasping! Id say that was a really good list! THere's always something redeemable even in the hassle! Great hubbster stories...I would hate to move our stove and clean under there! ick...
in the coop said…
Good luck with the job hunt and have fun on your days off!
Sounds like your husband is being a peach this week. Lucky you!

Good luck with the job hunt!
Hubby and I both got the cleaning bug at the same time last week. This rarely happens and OMGosh we got a LOT accomplished!!
#7, 8, and 9 - yes! Love letters from old friends, especially the long newsy kind. Finding forgotten clothes in the closet (especially ones that fit!) is definitely a win. And one of my favorite times of the month is when the new Food Network magazine arrives - my daughter and I stop what we're doing and flip through it together, planning our attack on recipes.

Good luck with the job hunt. Husband is doing the same thing, sadly with not much progress. Best wishes to you!
I enjoyed all of your list, but I LOVE your #9(?) with the clothing you forgot you had. That is one of the best little surprises!

Good luck in the job search...it's always a daunting but sometimes thrilling ride. Hope something comes up soon!
Kristi said…
Good luck with the job hunt; my daughter has been looking for a while, too.
See? No matter how crappy our week is, we still manage to find something for which to be thankful.

I have a recurring dream that I am looking through my closet for something to wear and find a whole bunch of really cute clothes pushed to the side of the closet that I forgot I had. Most of them still have their tags on. So I totally get being excited about finding something new in your drawer that you forgot about!
Considerer said…
Enjoy the time off - make the most of that lazing around and indulging in exactly what you want to do - once you get your new job (I have every confidence you'll get a good'un) you'll miss having that time and space to yourself :)

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