Miscellany Monday

Happy Monday! I hope that everyone had a great wknd!

Here are my Monday Randoms this wkd. (please note that I always link up with http://www.carissagraham.com/ and lowercaseletters)

1.  I re-discovered Blue Sky pop tonight. My SIL (hubby's sis) usually has this on hand, and it is really good. It is a more-natural kind of pop.
2. I have a bit of a headache today. It is on the left hand side of my head...above my ear.  It comes and goes..I hope it's not cancer or a tumour..or an anyreusm.
3. I am in a bit of a Nicholas Sparks reading/movie watching time right now. I have watched Safe Haven, and re-watched Nights in Rodanthe. I have now watched all of the NP movies. I also watched A Walk to Remember on Saturday night.
4. I have figured out that a laundry basket works great when packing up for a camping trip. We usually use it for our dry goods. It works perfectly.
5. This will probably be on this weeks FOF, but I am loving the laundry PODS right now. I DO NOT love the T1de pods, as they smell like sour milk on some clothes. I will only use those for towels and sheets.
6. We are pretty much all unpacked from our trip. It kind of helps when we come home at separate times.
7. I met up with my cousin this morning for coffee (well, 1st cousin once removed, but whatever).I think that was the first time we have chatted for more than about 5 minutes since I have become an adult. It was really neat to talk to someone who is older than you, who you have remembered as a kid, now you can talk to them as /like an adult. We chatted for nearly two hours. SO FUN!
8. I am trying to eat health(ier). That being said, I had McD's for lunch (hey, it wasn't my fault that I was already out and was called in to work!).
9. I have a stupidly busy week. Between work (a lot), visiting people in hospices and physical therapy lodges, and looking for work (online and in person), and doing a few extra things this week, it is going to be busy.
10. I am really going to up the ante in looking for work this week. I want to go to a few places where I have dropped off a resume in the past, and where I know that they are hiring next month. I did a bit of a search online last night...my cousins school in Alberta is hiring..hmm...
11. Are there any REAL cooking shows on anymore? My favourite is Best Recipes Ever. I love that show. I think that is the last of the cooking shows that are one...even Giada doesn't come on anymore.
12. My new fav cookie is Fudge Covered Graham Crackers. They are sooo good! I may or may not have had 5 tonight.
13. This month is a big change for our family. Two of my brothers and my sister are leaving on going on different adventures. We are all going to miss them SOOO much!
14. My FB/ Blogging friend had her baby today (well, we saw the baby pic today). I love the name they chose for her.
15. My ear still isn't getting better, so I am seeing my doctor tomorrow. It still hurts to touch it:( It has been over 48 hours since I started my ABs.
16. We have new neighbours. They are very young, and a bit loud, so hubby had to talk to them one night about having loud music after 11pm on a week night. They have been pretty quiet since.
17. As I have mentioned before, our oven (and our stove is not far behind) is on the fritz, so we have to look for a new stove.
18. I went to T@rget and I found some lovely fluffy towels that match our colour scheme in our bathroom. I only bought one, but I want to buy another one.
19. I am happy that THE LITTLE COUPLE is coming back on TLC. I love that show! I have watched nearly all of their shows (even tho it did get a bit boring for awhile..I mean, how long can you sit and watch two adults have fun, and go about their daily activities?) I really started following it when they started trying to have kids.
20. I am really loving the two books that I am reading right now.
Well, I think that is all the randoms for this week:) I will do a weekly wrap up in my next post.


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