Weekly Wrap Up (Aug 2-11)

Well, I will try to make this less wordy than normal, but be prepared for a picture dump!!

First off, I remembered what I did a couple of Weds morning, which was I met up with a girl who had ordered some Avon products from me, so I went to WM to meet up with her. I then went to SBX to read and have breaky. Still not sure what I did that Thursday. I think I had an interview (for which I didn't get the job) either Weds or Thursday. I probably just relaxed until I went to work one of those days.

Ok, so I will try to do this chronologically.

So, Thursday afternoon (Aug 1), after work, hubby and I went shopping for groceries for our trip. I took him to Target for the first time ever (for him), and he was pretty impressed with the grocery prices. We also bought a new mattress (with air pump included), because we knew that our old one was about to die...we are SO glad we did, as we barely got the old one blown up, and it deflated. So in the garbage it went.

Anyway...we just got ready to go on Thursday evening. Since he didn't have to work Sat at the dental centre, we left around 12. We got to the ranch (well, my parents back yard), and set up our tent.
We bought this tent 3 years ago, and although it is a PAIN to set up, we love it because it a TON of room, and we love the tent porch:)

I went swimming in the pool before supper.
Friday night, we had supper of shrimp and rice. SO good!
 As I stated earlier, we made the shrimp on the Forman Grill. I will say that when we go camping, hubby does 99% of the cooking.
We had Joe Louis Cakes for dessert. YUM!
Went to bed early on Friday even, as we knew we had to be up EARLY on Saturday. I laid in bed and read to try to fall asleep.
Saturday was our sheep move. I won't go into all that, since I did a separate post on that. We came back tired. I was going to go into the pool, but I was too tired, and it had cooled off by the time we got home.  I have no clue as to what we had for supper, as I guess I didn't take any pics...oh yah, we had burgers..which were very good. We had S'mores for dessert.
We had a nice evening, just enjoying the lights in the yard. My brother and sister came over to our tent and we all chatted for a bit.
Sleep came VERY quickly for both of us that night. I think I went to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.
Sunday, we woke up (after sleeping in) and had a lazy morning, drinking hot chocolate and eating breaky. Dad came to visit us for a bit before we all went off to church. It was VERY tempting to stay home, but since we didn't go to church the last time we were there, we thought we had better go. It was a great time, as usual. I came home to try to get another swim in, but it was getting rainy, and cool, so I blogged instead. Just relaxed in the afternoon. I visited my friend K, and went to the store and came home. Not sure what we had for supper on Sunday. I think we just snacked. I went for a swim on Sunday evening, and mom and I had a chat...I then got VERY chilled as it has cooled down.
Monday, I spent a lot of the day with my sister, which was fun. We read outside, with iced tea and chips, and enjoyed the sun.
Our reading material and snacks.
I spent a lot of the time outside.swimming and sunning. And reading;) It was a great afternoon.
 Hubby helped out doing a project on one of my parents' B&B's. We all had lunch together, and I went back outside for some more time in the sun. Monday night, Mum and Dad had an outing to go to, and so we stayed manning the place. We had supper outside...corn on the cob and pork  and chicken skeweres (which were horrible). We had a nice evening relaxing and enjoying our time.
Tuesday, I looked after Bebop for the morning. We had a fun time, but he wasn't quite himself, so we watched VeggieTales on my laptop. We did manage to grab a little walk in, too, which was nice. Went to town and ran errands, and we picked up his mom. I grabbed (thinking that we were going to have coffee together before we went back) a very good Blueberry Tart...it was delish!

Had supper, schnitzel and pasta, so good. Then we girls decided to get together to watch a girly movie, as it would be the last time before K left to go out East. We ended up watching Safe Haven, which is pretty good. I came home late, and read until I feel asleep.
Wednesday morning, I slept in, had a shower, read, and had breaky with my sister. The wasps this year are horrible, so we ate most of our meals in our tent porch (another reason we love our tent!), but they didn't seem as bad at breakfast. Helped Mom do a few things, and ended up going out for cheesecake at a friends (she has a dessert diner), and then went to the store to grab a few things. We had a nice visit. Hubby and I went for a walk, and ended up visiting some friends that were at the ranch. We had supper of nachos and (for me) mutton ribs. They were both very good.
Hung out and relaxed on Weds night.
Thursday, I left around 10:30. I came back into town, and since hubby didn't have to come back (he was off all week) and he wanted to stay there, I left him there. It was odd to be alone in our place for more than one night. I don't think I have done that since we got married. I ran some errands in town, went to work (I had a wk off from one of my jobs last week), and came home and relaxed and watched PVRd shows.
Friday, I saw the doctor, had breaky at McD's, had coffee while reading my mags, and also journalled, and ran a few errands and came home. I relaxed all afternoon, which was great. I went out for supper at the mall, and wandered around. Came home and hung out for the evening. I worked all day Saturday, and had another night at home.
Yesterday, I met up with my friend at McD's for breakfast, then drove to the ranch. Packed up the tent and camping gear, and had a quick visit with everyone, and left.
So, that was our week!!! I hope it wasn't too long to read:) I mainly do these so that I have them to look back on (without looking in my journal).


Anonymous said…
The blueberry tart looks yummy. Looks like you had a lot of fun this week. Next summer I want to get a little pool...I think I would be in it everyday if I could!!
The tart was really good:) Yes, the pool is amazing...once you have Baby Girl, you should get a little tiny one for her..my neice has one..she has a pool party for one..so cute!

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