You Know You're a Blogger (Addict) When...

I came across something similar regarding this awhile back on someone's blog, and I totally thought it was worth doing something similar again. I don't know where it was, or when it was that I saw it, and I don't feel like going through my 100+ blogs that I follow to try and find it....I will try and find it later on today or is what I remember from it, plus I will add a few more...


You start every sentence with..."I saw on this blog", or "My blogging friend said this.."
You take pictures of food, and well, pretty much anything, and try to make them look very know, placing things just so..., and if people look at you funny, you say "it's for my blog (or instagram, FB, etc)".
You start asking "Have you read my blog lately?" Or saying..."Well, if you would read my blog, you would know"
You know what "sponsor", "link up", "BlogHop", "Blog Party", and "tag" means, and you actually get it, and participate in them.
You know how to do a link (hyperlink) on your blog, or anywhere, for that matter.
You spend hours during the day; daydreaming, before you fall asleep at night about your blog posts; What day you will write them, what you should write about, how you will write it, your pictures you plan to put up, etc.
You save pictures from either online or from your phone, computer, knowing that you will use them for a blog post at some point.
You save pictures/buttons from other blogs, knowing darn sure that you will participate in them.
You have 100+ blogs you are following.
You "stalk" other blogs, just for fun.
You know how to "follow" other blogs.
You comment on blogs, either for fun, and or in hopes that they will come and see your blog, too.
You know the lay out of a blog (how it works).
You have buttons/sponsors on the side of your blog (which, sadly, I don't have. Yet).
You consider your blogging friends your IRL friends.
You know all of the best blogging sites. And your blog is on any or all of them.
You start every day wondering and thinking if this would be a good day to blog; whether anything exciting will happen today that will warrant a blog post.
Every event you go to automatically warrants a blog post.
Your husband asks about not only your blog, about the blogs of your friends.
You talk to your husband about what your wrote in your blog, and the blog of others.
Your husband knows what a blog is.

...well, I could think of some more..but I have to run:) Have a great Thursday!


Hi April, I write you back through my email so not sure if you got my message . I check out you post early this morning, however I didn't get time yet as was working in today's post and five on Friday. The rest of the day was spent with the movers. Just at hotel on my phone, thanks for tagging me :) and I can be contacted through email as well
I just read what I wrote... There is a few mistakes. I am super tired. Also just wanted to let you know great post!!!
Did you want me to tag someone else? You don't have to do it today..or even this can do it next week:)
Rachel said…
Oh, these are funny! Yes, the blogger life probably looks like a really weird one from an outside perspective!

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