Since I have been on a wee bit of a vacay, I am late with getting my posts on here..I will try to get up "surprise" post soon.

-I think I like this semi-camping-at-your-parents place. I get to use their facilities; their pool, electricity, all while having some sort of having some time alone. As usual, we get involved in the every day goings on of the family business, but it always makes for an interesting day.

-I have decided that we don't like the pork and chicken skewers from M&M Meats. We ate about half each, and gave them to the dogs. They enjoyed them.

-I also think I like the citronella bracelet. I wore on Saturday, and although I got some bug bites, I think overall, it worked. They also come in fancy colours; mine was red, matched my red top.

-I will be looking after Bebop (probably) for the last time tomorrow before they move out East. That makes me sad.

-I think I want to move back here if only for my old/new friend K, alone. She and her family have moved back, and I love her...we chatted yesterday for over an hour.

That is all for this week!

Happy Monday!


Patsy Paterno said…
Wow! Never heard of a citronella bracelet. Probably not available her in the Philippines. :^) patsy

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