Ten Things of Thankful.

Happy Saturday! I am not feeling 100% today, as I am still fighting ear infection,  and I seem to be really tired! I am at work today...and it is quiet, so be prepared for 2 (or even three!) posts from me today!
So, without further ado..here are my ten this week. (note, they will probably similar to my FOF of yesterday, but hey, it is a different post, so who cares, right? Also if you want to see and read my "ewe-nique" post, you can check it out, here http://thewainsateam.blogspot.ca/2013/08/unique-post-big-sheep-move-and-picture.html
1. I am thankful for medicine. I am on both oral and ear drops. It still hurts and my right ear still is plugged..ugh! I seem to get EI's when I am doing a lot of swimming. I have small eustachion (sp?) tubes, so they can get plugged up and turn into an infection if I don't watch it carefully
2. I am thankful for spending time with my family this week..my sister, my mom, and Bebop. Sister and I spent time reading in the sun, and then went in the pool. Mum and I went for a cheese cake date and I looked after Bebop on Tuesday morning.
My mom is in the background.
My sister and I.
Bebop and I on Tuesday morning. I found a bunch of VeggieTales on YouTube, and we watched 3 1. He also enjoyed my cousins hat that she had left while she was visiting there a couple of weeks ago.
3. I was thankful to have at least some time to do what I now call "swim and sun". I swim a little, then I sun tan while I read.
My family's pool:) (note: the window to the left, above the trees is the living room window)
I also was able to sit outside and read in the sun. I made my favourite drink: iced tea.
4. I found this Citronella bracelet. I only spent a dollar on it, and I think it worked pretty well. Plus, it is a cool fashion statement, and it matches my red tops!
5. I am thankful for our freedom:) I am reading Sarah's Key right now (I have also watched the movie..both are fantastic). I am also going to read and watch "The Hiding Place". When I read about what the people, especially the children had to endure, it reminds me not to complain. At all. About anything. Read up on the Vel d'Hiv on the 'net. It will amaze, surprise and anger you.

6. I am thankful for my infertility groups on FB. NO ONE gets it but these amazing ladies (and a few men). (actually, my brothers and SIL do, to a point, but they have and can adopt). I am also thankful that I have the chance to participate in a project called "The Face of Infertility".
7. Camping out in my family's back yard this week. Hubby is still there.
I kind of like it. You get your own space...but you also get access to electricity and the pool, and use of things you forgot to bring (this may or may not have included food). FYI: Do not plan to do this if you want to have a vacation. This won't work, especially if your family is a busy (farm family or not) family with daily/hourly demands. They may or may want you to help out:) I am glad that I was a help, though...well, we both were, really, as we both helped do some projects that needed to get done.
8. That I have a job where it is very quiet, and even when I am not feeling well, I can go to work, and still end up relaxing.
9. We bought butterflied shrimp from M&M Meats for this past week. Let me tell, you they were worth EVERY penny. We did them on our Forman Grill. They were delish!
10. Spending 72 hours alone. I have the TV, and I go and come when I want (well, I do that anyway!), and I can hog the bed, and have the TV on while I sleep:) I get watch what I want on the Big TV, and I am thinking of having a Nicholas Sparks movie marathon (well, as many as I can watch before I fall asleep tonight..I didn't get to it earlier this wknd) tonight.


Zoe Byrd said…
Oh my goodness! I hope you feel better....I hate the ear infection thing...seems like anything from the neck up is just miserable...its where I live!
Considerer said…
Your swim/tan/read thing sounds like a GORGEOUS way to spend time. Glad you have the bracelet to keep the mozzies away :)
clark farley said…
I like the back yard camping approach to camping.

(from your photo, it looks like your backyard is perfect for byc...) all of the necessary elements (electricity and in-door plumbing) but face the back of the yard and forget what is behind you and...total wilderness adventure!

very cool
Shanique Roca said…
Sorry to hear about your EI..hope you're all better soon.
I agree with Lizzi your tan/read/swim plan sounds great... As does camping out in the backyard and spending 72 hours alone...
1. I had swimmer's ear as a kid and remember how much it HURT. Feel better soon.

2. Want. Cheesecake.

3. You needed the iced tea to wash down the bag of kettle chips :)

7. I still would not be talked into sleeping in the tent.

9. Never thought of cooking shrimp on the Foreman Grill. Great suggestion!
Thank you for all your lovely comments, ladies!!! I love sleeping in the tent..just not when it is cold outside. Yah, swimmers ear sucks, big time. It is still sore to the touch. My parents built a "private" square in their backyard, so it is perfecting for tenting, etc. Yes, I love BYC...we have access to the pool, water, electricity, etc.

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