5 on Friday, Random 5 Friday, and Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

Happy Friday! I am so excited, because I am at the start of a 4 day wknd! The store is closed this week, and although my bank account will be sad, I am happy for 4 complete days off!!!

There are a whole lot of link ups today, which I am going to participate in:)  Obviously, I will be linking up the girls at 5 on Friday, but I will also be linking up with A Rural Jounal, for Random 5 Friday, and The Dwelling Tree for the Let's Be Friends Blog Hop.

When I first starting doing 5 on Friday, I thought that it originally was about your 5 favourite things of the week, but I have seen people do random thoughts and ideas of the week, so I will start doing some random thoughts as well as some of my favourites of the week.
1. I bought the 5th season of The Big Bang Theory at C0stco the other day. It was under $20, so I had to get it. Yes, I want to get all 6 seasons.
2. I got my sister, my mom and I a gift because my sister is going away for a few months. Like, really away..not just one province away. I saw a few necklaces, including this necklace at Cl@ires a few weeks ago, and I wanted to get one of these for her. There were a few to choose from, but there was one that I really liked, and in the end, I chose this one.
There are three necklaces, one for me, my sister, and our mom. If you look closely, one says Big Sis (me) Mom (for our mom) and Lil Sis (for Sister). They both liked it.
3. I went to Home Depot for the first time ever (I think) this week. You can read about my exciting adventures of the day Here.
4. I sometimes just feel the need to unplug and not reach out (virtually) to others. Between my cell phone (with apps, texting, etc), laptop with all of the social media outlets; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterst, and of course, Blogging, can honestly make me exhausted at times. There are times that I won't even open up my laptop or even glance at my phone, and watch TV with hubby or read. When I go on vacation, I will tend to not go on my computer for a day or so. Does anyone else get like that? When they just want to unplug themselves from the world?
5. One of my favourite little ringtones is one I found off of Zedge a month or so ago. I have it on my phone for when hubby calls either from our LL, or from his cell phone. It is quite the little ditty, and very sweet.
Those are my Five on Friday Randoms for the week! I hope you enjoyed!


Barbara said…
I love the Big Bang Theory! Good buy! What a cute necklace, and I totally have to unplug every now and then.
Cute necklace :) Love Big bang Theory, great show.
Snap said…
Cute necklace and great idea. I love the Big Bang Theory. Unplugging is good. Great 5!
Nancy said…
I hear you on the social media overload. I belong to several, but am bad about updating on most except the blog.

Thanks so much for joining in this week at Random 5 Friday. Great to have you along. :)

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