The Beach, Home Depot for the first time,and A Givaeway!

I hope everyone's week is going well. Our is going fairly well. I am a bit stressed regarding job searching, and where (or if) we should move; destination, time, etc. Other than that, it is going well.

I won't do a half week wrap up, but I will talk about my fun day today!

I didn't have anything really to do today, and I wanted to go to beach before the weather got too cold, so off I went. I got there around 11, and there was only me a few dog owners with their dogs on the beach. I went swimming in the river, and I sat in the sun, and read my mags.
                                               My magazines, my snack, my sunscreen.
This was the beach when I first got there this morning.
The other side of the beach.
I left around 2, to visit my friends gramma, and then I went home to pick up hubs to price some things out for a project we might undertake (more on that another time). We went to ReStore, which is a second hand building store (but they carry other things, to), and the proceeds to towards Habitat for Humanity. Hubby LOVES to go there.
We went on to our next stop Home Depot. I thought I had been there before, but as I walked in, I realized I had not. So, despite my not really wanting to go, I actually had fun. I ran into a couple of people that I knew who worked there, which was nice.
The HD sign.
The big orange carts. Yes, I had to grab one:)
At least there was something that I liked, and held my interest.
Did you know that have an entire (LOOONG) aisle dedicated to lumber? Nope, me neither. At least it smelled nice.
The man's ultimate play ground!
 I said I would go only if he took me out for coffee:) Off to Sbx we went.
Yummy snacks.

Not bad for a phone-camera selfie:) He was eating here...I wanted to take another picture of us, but he wouldn't let me take another one;)
One of my new favourite drinks; The Lime Refresher..Yummy!
So, on to the Giveaway part of this post.
As most of you know, I really want to try to get more followers. I only have 7, and I would like to have more...not in the 1,000's, but I would like a few more. So, as soon as I reach 25 followers, I will send out an Avon product to the 25th follower. Please add me to your blogs you follow:)
Happy Wednesday!


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