Five on Friday and SUYL- Fave Apps

I am doing a two-in-one post today (plus another post later on today), as I am doing my FOF, and SUYL.

I am enjoying my day off, with no husband. I left him at the ranch (more on that in the next post), and I am hanging out on my own this wknd. I ran errands this morning, and am now home to nurse my ear infection. Thank goodness for Antibiotics...which will start off this FOF.

First, Five on Friday.

Thank goodness for medicine! I have a bad ear infection; so bad that the doctor I saw has put me on ear drops AND oral meds. I just took my first dose (and I had some left over ear drops from last time, which was probably the only reason that I could do my errands this morning). I am also thankful that I got in to the WI clinic SO quickly this morning. They told me to come back btwn 1-2, but no one was staying (you can leave once you get your time to come back), and no one was coming back, so I got in in about 10 minutes.
I bought this Citronella bracelet from the Dollar store, and I think it works! Plus, it matches my red tops, cause I am stylin' like that. Another great fashion accessory.
A cheesecake date with Mum, and Yummy treats! The cheesecakes are chocolate kaluha and pina colada, and the bottom picture is of a blueberry tart from a local bakery/coffee shop near my parents'. Both were amazing!

Spending time with Bebop and my Sister:) (well, most of my family, really)
My two books that I am reading (FYI, I am nearly done Safe Haven, and I watched the movie..both were good).
                                Sarah's Key is a great book...the movie is pretty awesome, too:)
I got to spend most of Monday reading and relaxing (and swimming!)  in the sun! It was an amazing day! Probably one of my favourite days that I had while I was away.
Treat receipts are back at Starbucks (actually, they are almost done). I may or may not have participated in this a day or two.  For those who are not familiar with this, you buy a drink (or any transaction) in the morning, and you come back after two pm and you get any drink for $2 (Grande)
Ok...on to the next part of my post..SUYL
They are doing favourite Apps this week!
I would have way more than I do, but my phone can only handle a few, or else it decides that it doesn't want to work (it keeps saying that my inbox is full). Apps on my phone (and / or that I love are)
Facebook (but I had to get rid of it because it ate up too my of memory). I still do love it, and I miss having it on my phone.
Pinterest. I am able to keep this, and although I mainly "pin" on my computer, I will use this app on my phone when we are watching TV, or when I am in a line, etc.
Instagram. Yah, I am slightly addicted to this. I use it a fair amount, especially now that I know how to use it. (follow me: @aprilnanker)
Zedge. I am not sure if it considered an App or not, but I was told of this by my friends. I love it for the ring and notification tones. Oh, and it is free.
Mahjong. I often will play this while we are driving. I love this game.
The Weather Network. Another awesome App. Not much else to say about it, but that I love it.
GasBuddy. I use this when I want to find out where the cheapest gas is. I don't use it a ton, but I will use it the odd time, especially when we are travelling.
 Google Sky Map. I love using this when I am at my parents (you can't see the stars well in the city). I love looking up at the sky and seeing the stars and the planets. It is easy and informative.
World Clock. I don't use this a lot, but I do like to check on the world times once in a while, especially when I have family and friends that live far away.
Flashlight. 'Nuff Said. I use it when we camp.
You Version Bible. I use this for Bible Verses, and I will sometimes use it as my "Bible" when I am in church.
Flipboard. I consider this the MSN of the Tech World. I haven't used it in awhile, but I like to have it on, as it is fun to look at. It has news, entertainment, money management, etc.
Sword of the Spirit. It is a Bible Verse game that I will often play when we are travelling.
Solitaire 3D. I don't use this much, but I like it and have on my phone.
Those are all the Apps I use and have:)
Happy Friday!


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