5 on Friday!

I have said this before, but weekends don't really mean a lot to me right now, as I usually work Saturdays. That being said, I still do appreciate the weekend. It does feel a bit more calm, and not (usually) as busy.
 1. Matching Towels. I went to Target last week and I found some lovely towels that matched our shower curtain. I am trying to make our house a home, and buy nice things here and there. I only bought one, partially to see if it matched, and it did:) This picture really doesn't do it justice.
2. New Clothing. I purchased two new items of clothing this week. This shirt I have been wanting to get at work pretty much since I started working here. I finally bought it yesterday. I am not a HUGE t-shirt person (I usually like shirts with a V-neck), but I don't mind getting one once in awhile. I had to get this...you know, since I love Starbucks and all:)

I also bought a new bra. Yes, I know..exciting, right? I actually think bras should be banned, and I look forward to the day when I can live in a place where women don't wear them...lol (Africa, anyone?) But once in awhile, I come across one that I like (I actually like sports bras the best). But this was pretty, too..
3. Free Outdoor Concerts. Every summer, like probably most cities, our city puts on Music in the Park, where local (and semi local) and up and coming artists come and play the bandstand, and people come and hang out, and have a nice evening. And for the last 7 years, our Country Radio station puts on a Thank You for Loving our Country concert. Free. That's right. Free. I wanted hubby to come, but he backed out the last minute, and no one else wanted to come with me. I nearly didn't go, but I thought..what the heck, I am going anyway. So, I went. I had a blast, despite the rain. I even got some kettle corn:) Sadly, I left my camera cord that connects to the computer to upload pics to the computer at home (where I got my best pics), but I did manage to get a few on my phone.not good, but it does have pictures of the pretty lights:)

Oh, while I was at the concert, I ran into a girl I took my course with, and she mentioned that the place where she is working at may be hiring..soo, I may have a lead on a job:) Yay!!!
4.Starbucks Oatmeal. I am loving SBX' oatmeal right now. I actually seem to be liking ANY oatmeal right now. McD's had a good version, too, the other day. With Starbucks, you can get several kinds of toppings:) Yummy!

5. A New (to us) Stove. Our stove has been on the fritz for years, and our oven has kicked the bucket...so our LL's told us to go and buy a new stove. It is cheap, and they put it in TODAY (while I was at work...oh and did I mention that hubby was cleaning the old stove, and the area under stove in preparation for the new stove? That made my very happy).
 5.1 Sheep Socks. When we were at Target yesterday, I saw these socks, and I HAD to buy them. I just noticed that they are upside down, though. Anyway..Coming from a sheep ranch, I love pretty much anything that has sheep on them!!! They were only .75 cents:)
I was going to share some more favs, but I think I will leave them for tomorrow for TTT:)
Happy Friday!!!


Anonymous said…
Love the t-shirt and those sheep socks. congrats on the new stove. I don't know what I would do without my stove! The concert looks like fun :)

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