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Happy Thursday! Well, I took a two day break from blogging, and it felt good.

I am going to do a weekly wrap up (so far) of/on this week, and I am going to try to remember what I did the last half of last week/end.

When I journal, I find that it works best if I go backwards from current to last.

So, so far today.. This morning I relaxed and watched some TV, and relaxed, and chatted via text with our LL about getting a new stove. I went out to do some errands; I had to send something back to Avon, and I had to grab some stuff in general, of course, for camping this weekend.  I stopped and had a Lime Refresher at Starbucks, and read the new  weekly mags that came in a day early. They have Kate on them, so of course, I HAD to get them!!! I went home, and dropped the stuff off (have I mentioned on how much I love Dollar stores??).I am at work at the store now, and I think hubs and I will go grocery shopping tonight for our camping goodies.  Hubby drove me to work, as he had some errands to do for the wknd as well.

Yesterday, I relaxed in the morning, then I had an afternoon of errands. I had an apt at 2 across the city,  and grabbed a bite to eat, because I was starving, then I had to go my old/new job to chat with them a bit. I went home and grabbed a few things that I had forgotten, and then went to the bank and laudromat. While the clothes were washing, I went to the dollar store to grab a few little things for my SIL, who's bday was yesterday. I realized when I got back that I was going to be late if I didn't leave right away, so I left my clothes drying and ran downtown (hubby didn't want to go) for SIL's Bday supper. I have to admit that I partly went because it was at a place that I had never been before. The Noble Pig is a fairly new restaurant/pub in town. It has very good food! I had the Clam Linguini, and it was amazing!! I got to meet and re-meet her friends, and we had a nice, although short time. They went to watch Wolverine, which I was not interested in spending my hard earned money on, so I went home.  Right before I left, though, I very quickly put in the rest of my Avon order that had to go before 7:30 local time. I think I was quite the site with my laptop sitting in a pub:) After grabbing my clean clothes and the 'Mat, I went home.

I tried to relax, but we have new neighbours, who think that blasting their music and having a loud party in the middle of the work week is cool. Also, the neighbours upstairs were louder than usual. Anyway...I went outside on our green space in the dark, and sat and read my book, and enjoyed the coolness (and quietness) of the evening. I watched TV, JJ, and Y&R. The neighbours decided to get louder. I tried to go sleep, and hubby went and told them to turn their music down, which thankfully, they did. Neither of us slept well, because we were so stressed out (I may talk about our past neighbours in another post). This has happened before. So...other than that, it was a good evening.

Tuesday;  I relaxed for the rest of the morning,  and watched TV, and I went to the library, then to a park to read and enjoy the sun before going to work. Went to work; came home and had supper, and watched TV, and relaxed.

Monday; I ended up cleaning up the house a bit. I cleaned the tub, the kitchen floor, and our coffee table. Hubby vacuumed. That made me very happy. I went the store for the afternoon shift. I went to SBX and read for a bit. We had supper and hung out in the evening.

Sunday; I went to church alone, as Anker was dead to the world when I left. The service was good. I met up with my friend for lunch at McD's and sat and read after she left. I just hung out in the afternoon/evening. We had supper and relaxed. I watched some of "Hot in Cleveland". It is my new favourite show!!

Saturday, I worked, and we had our anniversary dinner/picnic, and I already blogged about that. We just spent the evening when we came home relaxing; we did spend some time outside on our balcony and chatted for a few minutes, before going to bed.

Friday; I ran errands in the morning. I had coffee and journalled, and grabbed my mags and went to the store for work. I also had some other errands to run. We relaxed on Friday evening.

Well, that is as far as I can remember without having to look at my journal, which I don't have with me. I hope I didn't bore you too much!

 I know I worked LAST Weds and Thurs evenings. Other than that, I am just not sure. I probably went to the library, and did more errands, laundry, etc.

Here are some pics of SIL's Bday party before I leave...

The Noble Pig

Clam Linguini

The Bday Girl and her cake!


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