Six Things You Should Know.

I wasn't going to blog today, but when I saw this..I thought it was would be kind of fun. Although I haven't officially been tagged, I was on Patricia\s blog,, and she tagged everyone who read her post today, so I thought I would have a lil fun of my own:)

1. Where is "Home" for you?

My home (which I have talked about a lot) is my hometown of.....where my family owns and operates a sheep ranch. I LOVE going home...although I love the city, I love going and hanging out at the ranch, and enjoying the busyness of it all

2. What hobby would you love to pick up?

Actually, I have two.. I would like to re-pick up knitting and playing the piano. I started and stopped both when I was young, and I have been thinking of picking them both up again.

3.Tell us something we may not know about you?

I was born with no skin over my stomach, and I was in the hospital for nearly two years. It wasn't so much the stomach issue that had me in the hospital for that long; I many heart/lung/breathing issues that required me to be on a ventihilator for nearly 22 months.

4. Why did you start blogging?

I think I started because it was the new thing to do; a way to keep my friends and family up to date. Then I started (blogging more) because I wanted to let the world know it is like as a Childless Mother. I also went public a couple of years ago, so know I have more blogging friends and traffic on my blog.

5. Which blog are you in love with that you only found out about recently?

Patricia's blog has been a fairly recent blog that I have really enjoyed:) I also like this one..Louise. I love any blogger that is Canadian!

6. When you struggle in life, what keeps you going?.

I think the one thing that keeps me going is my faith. I am a Christian, and although I am not always "on fire" for God, and sometimes even a bit upset with Him about things in life, He is what sustains me.

Thanks for allowing me to participate:)

                                                              I am tagging:

Here are some questions for you to answer. Pick 6 out of the ten.

1. Who's blog (or what) you ever read?
2. What is one thing unique about you?
3. If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?
4. Do you live in a house, apartment, condo, house boat, etc?
5. If you could live anywhere in the world where you could be guaranteed a job, where would it be?
6. If you could go on a month long trip with someone, who would it be with?
7. What is your secret talent/party trick, etc?
8. What is your favourite book (or series) that you could read over and over?
9. Are you where you thought you would be? Why or why not?
10. What is your favourite Bible verse (or poem, saying, etc) and why?


Considerer said…
Cool - thanks - I'll see how I can work this in over the weekend :)

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