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Happy Friday. This Friday actually means something to me, because we are closing the store for the wknd! So, I am looking forward to a nice long 3 day wknd, of cleaning, hanging out, catching up on my library reading, watching movies (I got 42 from the library yesterday...am so stoked to watch it..I don't usually like sport-related movies, but when it has a story, then I don't mind), and maybe going to our local fair. And did I say cleaning?

This wks randoms are:


For the first time in a couple of weeks, I actually feel confident and positive on the job hunt front. I applied for a job that I really would like, and it look promising:)

I got to spend time with this little lady on Tuesday.
We met up with my brother and his wife on their way through to my parents. We met at Starbucks, and had an hour or so visit. It was too short, of course, but better than nothing.
I got to spend time with my Lil Sis, and our SIL on Monday. V had to get a few things for her trip, and I wanted to see her one last time. Had a great time, and I spent very little money, which was awesome. We also went to Starbucks to grab a drink.
Which brings me to my 4th random/favourite this week. My new favourite drink is the Peach Green Tea Lemonade. It is SO good!


Let's talk about the VMA's, shall we? First off, I think they are a waste of TV space, anyway, but when I saw what happened, I was horrified! I **HAD** to go and check **it** out on YT a few days later (since I didn't watch it live) and I don't know if I can ever get that horrible image out of my head. Miley, you bad girl! I don't know that ANY one should watch those types of shows, let alone kids under 18. That being said, I can't get Robin Th!ckes song "B1urred L1nes" out of my head (my SIL played it for me the other day). Is that wrong? Anyhoo..horrible show, horrible performance, nuff said. Miley clearly needs help.

Happy Friday!


Bev said…
Sounds like you enjoy Starbucks
Deb Crecelius said…
Yay for all the Starbucks!
Love it there, but usually only go when I have a Gift Card.
Last Wednesday was special (meeting friends) and so Starbucks is was.
[[ I also see a Starbucks cup in your previous post :) ]]
So fun to meet up with friends and family that you don't get to see often!
Yes, I am slightly addicted:) I am going to (try) curb it by loading $25 on my card, and making that last until payday:)
Nancy said…
Is it weird I've never had anything from Starbucks? Probably. But since the closest one is about 50 miles away, I doubt I'll be having something Starbucky any time soon.

Great post April -- thanks for joining in this week.
Ida said…
I didn't see the Miley stuff on TV (can't stand her anyway) but I did hear about it and saw some of it on the Internet. She's becoming a "joke" but perhaps that's what she is looking for...negative attention. Sad.

My the Tea sound good. I love Starbucks in the Fall with the Pumpkin Lattes. So yummy, so fattening.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you try out the Lemonade Cookie recipe.
I am really excited for starbucks' fall drinks;)Yes, I will try the Lemonade cookies sometime:)The part I would miss if we ever moved away in the country is the distance it would be to a starbucks:) That being said, I DO love Tim Horton's French Vanilla:) I had half FV and half coffee, a large which only cost me a little over two bucks...so it TH usually has better deals. I love the feeling and ambiance of SB, though.

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