Ten Things of Thankful

I am actually a bit stressed at the moment. Between looking for a job, and hubby wanting to work on a project that I am not 100% behind, and being poor, well, it can make for a stressful week.

I was also in a bit of a mood last week, and I think I offended one of my FB/Blogging friends. Oops! But, like every Saturday for the last, well, I don't know how many I have been doing now, I will find 10 things to thankful, because, well, there is always something to be thankful for!

1. Cheap Dates. Hubby and I went (finally) for the first time to the Kamloops Museum today. It was only $3 each. It was a great time, if only for a short time:)  They have three floors; one is a permanent display of the history of Kamloops, and surrounding areas. The second floor is the temporary display, this time they were display mug shots from the Ontario Police. It was ok, but they are going to be bringing the War of 1812, which sounds like a great display. We then went for coffee at McD's, for an equally cheap coffee:) His was free, mine was $1 (yay for $1 drink days this summer!), and we shared a cinnamon pull apart. So, in total it was under $10, plus gas.
Our local (and only) museum.

Cappuccino for him, ice coffee for me, and Pull Aparts to share.
2. Discovering new places. I discovered the Museum (see above) and Home Depot this week. HD was redeemed by the magazines they had, and I looked through them while wandering around after a missing hubby:)
3. Not one, but 3(cheap) dates with hubby this week. I know, right!!! I am one lucky girl!!! Coffee and shopping (the mall for me, and the dollar store for hubby), and coffee at Starbucks on Sunday, Home Depot/ReStore, and coffee on Wednesday, and today's date:)
This was from Wednesdays coffee date. I guess I didn't capture Sunday's coffee date. (FYI, every time Hubby and I do things together, even if it is just running around, I consider that a date.
4. TV Shows. I bought the 5th Season of Big Bang Theory on Monday at C0stco. It was under $20, and I HAD to get it. I also have started watching Downton Abbey. The jury is still out as to whether I like it or not. I have only watched one episode. There seems to be a lot of characters, and I find that it is hard to keep them straight (even the many characters of GA I find to keep track of). That being said, I will watch a few more, and see what I think, and if I should continue the series.
4.1. Local Libraries, so that I could try out new(TV) series, read new books, watch new movies, etc. All without paying a dime.
5. Hubby cooking dinner two nights in a row. 'Nuff said.
6. C0stco. I went there 3 times this week, which is more than I go in a month. I love it there. I love the samples, the cheap drinks, pushing the big cart, showing my card. Oh, and the cheap gas:)
7. That our cable/phone/internet service provider still allows us to have their services despite our being VERY behind in paying them. Why we still have internet at the house is beyond me.
8. Friends! I met up with my church girls friends today for our weekly coffee date today. It has been a long time since I have met up with them since I usually am working Saturdays. We had a nice time together, and we are getting together tomorrow for one of the girls' bdays, too:) So yay, for friends!
9. 4 Day Weekends. With the store being closed until Tuesday, I get a 4 day weekend. Yay!
10. Blog Link Ups/Hops. I love blog hops/link ups! I found a lot to link up with this week. I love "visiting" new friends, and finding new blogs:)
...and that I know how to grab their buttons:)
10.1 Big Bang Date nights:) We are done with SSN 5. That makes me sad. Twice this week, hubby and I had dinner and watched BBT:)

10.2 Cheap coffee for my Friday Ritual. $1.77 for coffee. Can't beat that.
Wow, that actually wasn't that hard at all to think of 10 things:) (plus 3 more!)
Happy Saturday!!!


Considerer said…
WHOOOOOT. In spite of not having a job atm, you are LIVING IT UP! Three dates! A museum! Time at the library!

And there's no such thing as an excess of Big Bang Theory :D

Keep going with Downton. It's very twee, but you'll begin to love it, I reckon. It's highly addictive once you figure out who's who, and it's beautifully (if a little overly) done :)
Josie Two Shoes said…
The times when it seems hardest to contemplate blessings, is when we need to recognize them the most... and you have done a wonderful job of that here! Time spent with the person you love is ALWAYS good time, may you remember to treasure and continue those dates for all your lives... we do! You are doing a great job at finding ways to go out and enjoy yourselves despite very tight funds. And yes, how wonderful it is to have friends, they can get you through the hardest times. Great list, great post!
Big Bang Theory is hilarious! My husband and I have threatened our son that we are going to Skype him in college like Raj's parents do, sitting side-by-side on the couch.

I think the public library is one of the best-kept secrets ever. Free books, free movies! How cool is that?
in the coop said…
Well, the library is free if you manage to get everything turned back in before the due date...

Cheap, frequent dates! Fantastic. As Josie said, it is so important to remember to keep having those dates.

Getting together with friends twice is a blessing indeed.
clark farley said…
ok... everyone else seems to known but! Kamloops?

can I please ask what the hell is a Kamloop and how does it not only have a museum, but an archive a well?


I learn so much from our weekends hanging out! I find out about mutant sunflowers that grow in the Midwest (or perhaps Christine is part of a secret flower experiment) and modern construction technique from Dyanne ( they sometimes, just for the fun of it, have 'stadium bees' where everyone pitches in and build a football complex...on the weekends)

Am I straying from the topic...again? lol great list!
Kristi said…
Clark, I think Kamloops is the town name, but I'm pretty sure Dr. Suess must have used it in a book sometime--at least he should have. Great name!

I second Christine about dates. Dates don't have to cost anything, but are so important to a marriage. (Not to mention fun!) My husband and I have had plenty of what we call "Lowe-Depot" dates.
Yes, I Kamloops is where I live:) I still have one job, I had two jobs, but I quit one.

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