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I have a TON of posts that I want to write, but I have either been too busy, too tired, or too lazy. Or I just haven't wanted to. I keep perusing over my PLETHORA of blogs that I follow, hoping to get inspiration, but I just end up doing other things (like

Here (in no particular order) are just a few things that I/we have been up to. I was going to make a Friday Link up post, but again, back to the lazy excuse! Ha!

We have been having cooler weather this past week, along with some rain. We love it.

On Sunday, I went to church, while hubby cleaned up (he didn't want to go..he's been in a funk about church lately), then we had A, K and H over for pizza. We had a lovely chat, then after they left, I went out grocery shopping.

Monday, I had a meeting at work, then I came home and relaxed outside in our yard, and read magazines, then I looked after H for a couple of hours. We went for a walk/bike ride, and man, can that kid go! I was RUNNING to keep up with him!

Hubby is really into the Pan Am Games this round. I am not, which is kind of weird, but I have been paying a bit more attention in the last few days. We have over 200 medals now! Love it!

I made blueberry pancakes the other morning (well, me and Aunt Jemima did!). They were SO GOOD! I topped (as well as made with) BC Blueberries, and Summerland Sweets Black and Raspberry syrup. Oh, and just to make it healthy, I added Greek Yogurt :) YUM! And yes, I took a picture, and no, you may not see it :) ha!

I am SO OVER infertility. I have had a few rough days with it (among other things). I saw a Huggies commercial, and I was depressed for the rest of the day. True story. I was 14 days late, and I even took two PG tests (cause, you know, one of those little suckers COULD get through, you never know!), but they were negative. Sadness.

Hubby and I had a couple of date days this week. Well, we had one (we had one a week or so ago, too...we went to run a few errands...including trying to change our address at the Driver's place, and BCAA/Insurance ). We have also had some good talks. Tuesday, hubby had appointment to get his Enhanced Driver's License address changed. (An ED allows him to go drive into the US without a passport, and he thought he would try to have this, since we want to drive into the US sometime)This was the second time we had gone up there to get to changed, as the first time, we were told that we had to make an appointment to get it done. This was AFTER I called, to change the address, and they said that they couldn't do it over the phone, and to go into the Drivers' Services to get it done. But they didn't mention that we had to have an appointment. Well, they wanted him to get a new Birth Certificate, which he hadn't done. I honestly didn't think much of it, since I had kind of forgotten about it, and I guess so had he. Well, they wouldn't renew it. Ugh. I looked at his BC again, and there is nothing wrong with it...just a bit shredded (it's no longer laminated). So now, I have to fill out a form, pay $40, and mail it to AB so that they can ship him his new BC. This may or may not take 3 months. (This also reminds me that I have to do mine, which is WAY worse than his.) Yah, we weren't too happy about that one. Honestly, don`t get an ED. It's not worth it. Well, we managed to change our address on our ICBC, and we went for lunch.

We will be celebrating 8 years of wedding bliss on Monday! We have beat MANY a celebrity marriage (and, well, other marriages, too, of course!). I think I will do a separate post on that. But yes. 8 years. Wow. Even I can't believe it sometimes. The traditional gifts are bronze or pottery, and the modern gifts are linens and lace. We have finally figured out what we are doing. We are going out for lunch (I think), as my gramma gave us some $ to go and do something with, and then we are going to my parents' for a couple of days. We are staying in one of their B&B cabins. We have to clean up after we're done, but hey, it beats paying for a hotel! I have been working lots (or it feels like it), so I am looking forward to three days off. It would have been four, but I took an extra day shift for Thursday.

Starbucks gave me a two for 1 drink last night. I drank the second this morning. Happy girl, was. I.

....and yes, I did buy this week's People Magazine (which I enjoyed while drinking my Caramel Macchiato) even though it wasn't pay day week. I had to, you know, well with Blake and Miranda being on the cover and all (we beat them, to, btw. Just sayin').

I thought I had an ear infection, but it's just a build up of wax, but my Dr. gave me my ear drops anyway.

Yesterday, I went to my friends house for coffee. She was the one who lost her husband 8 weeks ago.
Of course, I had seen her since then, but this was the first time that I had seen her alone (I went once with my sister), in her house, without anyone else there. We had a nice chat, and I got chat with the kids, which was good. I think they're doing ok, but I am sure they are having a rough time. Even their dog misses him!!!

My gramma is in the hospital tonight, as she had a burst appendix. She nearly died. She has been sick for about 6 wks. She went to the ER twice, and yesterday, they FINALLY figured out that it was her appendix. We are all just floored at why it wasn't caught sooner. She had surgery today, and is also having a drainage system to clean out of her toxins in her system. We were all pretty scared there for awhile.

My family took the sheep to the mountain today. It is a 1-2 day trip, and it involves trailing them usually) on a logging road. It is a fun time. Anker usually goes on one trip a year (they move about while they are up there..usually 2-3 months).

I may or may not have had Tim  Horton's new Reece Donut tonight. I am glad I tried it, but I won't be getting in again.

I have been PINNING a lot again in the last few days. I love it. I pin more than is healthy. I have way too many pins and boards, and I rarely look at the pins after I have pinned them, but's fun to to!

Well, I think most of those were what I was going to put in my Friday Link ups, so there you go!!!

Hope you're having a great wknd. I worked today, and I work tomorrow, then I am off on Monday! heart breaks for the recent shootings going on in TN, and LA right now. I don't understand, but I know that there will be justice, and that God is Sovereign

I have added a few more things (I mean words), and for that, I am sorry/not sorry!.


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