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Hello, Friends!

I cannot believe that it is September 10th already! Where has the time gone?

I thought I would combine two posts in one, since I do like to link up with/to a Blog Hop whenever I can (and if it is still open, and if the content pertains to me).

I have been having this subject/post in my drafts for awhile, and I thought I had better get this out there, before it becomes too long, and not really relevant anymore.

If you have been following my blog for awhile, then you know that we had a cat named KitKat. He came with my husband, and I got to love the darn thing (the cat, not my hubby!), despite me not being a huge cat person. We had to put him down last year, and we were in no rush to get another one. We had to heal from saying good bye to KitKat, and to be honest, it was nice to have to worry about having one.

We weren't sure if we were ever going to get another one, but hubby would look on Kijjiji, and I would sometimes peruse some of our city's (and area) Facebook Buy & Sell, Free, etc pages. A couple of months ago, Anker's worker at the Brain Injury Association asked us if we would like a cat. At first we hummed and haa'd, and when he sent us a picture of them, we fell in love with the first one. He had previously told us that she was 3 (she is actually 4), and had all of her shots, was spayed, and was an indoor kitty (which we wanted). We told him that we weren't sure, but as we were going out to Victoria (yet another post I will be doing soon), he sent us the pictures again, and said that we could have her the next week, we decided to say yes. Oh, and another cool thing is that they will pay for some of her vet bills, which is awesome!

So, yes, we are pet parents; a fur-mama/daddy  again! We have a fur-baby! Her name is Calico (like her breed), and she is the sweetest thing. She isn't super cuddly, but she is very curious, and definitely loves to be petted. She came with a scratch post/tree, and I am SO GLAD that we took it (he asked if we wanted it, and we weren't sure, but we said "sure, why not"?). She LOVES it, and she is there pretty much 24/7. She also loves our tables, and loves to explore.

It took her awhile to get used to us, and our place, and even eating, drinking, and pooping took her awhile, but once she figured out that we were ok people, and as I say "WE'RE your new Mommy and Daddy now", she has warmed up to us. She has the TINIEST meow, so much so, that it isn't even a meow, it is a squeak! We hardly ever hear her/it, which is totally different to what/how KitKat would "talk" to us. We also joke that she isn't very graceful. She sometimes falls when she tries to jump on her scratch post/bed. Speaking of which, she sleeps there, and not in our bed. I am kind of happy about this, since we will have minimum cat hair on our bed. We still bring her to bed with us, but she usually doesn't stay there very long.

So, that is the new member of our family!! A few people have thought we were silly to get a cat, and while I can see their views, we NEED a cat. We don't have any kids, and Anker needs one, for his health. I will admit that it will be hard to find a place if we end up moving again, since a lot of places don't like cats/pets, but we have her for now, and we shall see what happens in the future.

Here are some pictures of our girl (yes, I do have an entire photo album on Facebook dedicated to her).

This is one of the first (if not the first) picture of her. She spent the first 24 hours behind the toilet. True Story.

                          This was the second (or one of the first few) picture that I took of her.

                                                         She loves her scratch post!!!

      Pretty kitty, sitting on our bed!! She was like this when I came home from visiting my brother.

                                                               She loves to study!

                             She also loves to read up on current news and events in our town!

Well, there you have it....the newest member of our family! I am also linking up with Tiffany for:


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