Thanksgiving Weekend

Up here in the cold North, we do things a bit differently. We have Thanksgiving in October, which as I have said before, I like it better. The weather is warmer, it's nicer...not too close to Christmas, you know, important things like that.

Thankfully, I had this last wknd off (save for TG day, but I didn't care, so as long as I was able to spend most of it with family), which was a bonus!! Every second wknd, I get a four day wknd (Thurs-Sun), unless I pick up any extra shifts, which is totally awesome! The flip side of that is that the next wknd, I WORK four days (Fri-Mon)...meh, what can you do?

So, since I had Thursday off, we thought about going Thursday night, but we decided to stay home, and leave on Friday. I mean, I say that my new position is like a vacation, but hey, it's still work, and I need LOTS of down/me time!

Anyhoo...we left on Friday morning, after running around, getting A's hair cut, grabbing a few things, going back to the house to make sure that kitty had food, getting gas, etc. We picked up the turkeys from a local farmer that my parents deal with in regards to..well...the demise of sheep for local sale., which was kind of fun, since I don't usually visit other farms. We got there around their lunch time, so we had to stand and wait around for a half hour. Went to Clearwater to get our winter tires on the car, and while we waited, we went across the street to Fields, and shopped around for a bit, then grabbed a small snack (fries and gravy..yum!) and had a mini date until the car was ready We then grabbed some groceries for the wknd, and went to the church building, since we knew that my uncle was there, and we wanted to say hi. We also found my dad there, so we had a nice visit with them for a few minutes.

Arrived at the ranch at 4pm. First on the schedule...playing with Lego. H really wanted A to play with him, so the played for an hour. I wish I had gotten a couple of it was all rather presh. We had a nice evening Friday...we had a lamb/mutton roast, along with the trimmings, and we all sat and played on our or laptops and/or phones and visited, then ended up watching Hancock. I had grabbed a few movies and my brother saw that Hancock was in my bag, and he thought it would be cool watch it. They watched, while I Facebooked :) We slept in the B&B on the ranch, which was awesome. I think it saves our sanity!!

Saturday was Turkey Day! We spent the morning at the B&B, where I cooked up my part of the meal, and Anker took a nap. Yes, he napped before the Our dinner was at two, which is a good time for us. After dinner (will post pics another time), we all helped with dishes, and then some of them went for target practice. We usually go for a walk, but it was raining, so the walk got cancelled, but target practice was I guess still ok. LOL. I didn't know what was going on, so I stayed back, and visited with K and Aunty June. We did venture out as they were all coming back in. We had dessert, then for something different, I thought we could do a quiz that I found in F00D N3TW0RK Magazine. Everyone had fun with that, then we all played THE SITUATION GAME, and then people went home, or back for and I had a little visit, but she was so tired, so she just went to bed. Some of us ended up watching Arachniphobia, which I had never seen before...and then we headed to bed.

Sunday, we had church, then we cleaned up the B&B, and helped start lunch. Mom had invited a lady for lunch, which was nice. But before lunch, we all went for a hayride. The weather was GORGEOUS!!! We had such a fun time!! We came back around 4, ate our leftovers (aren't those the best??) and visited for awhile, then Anker and I made tracks for home. We got back here around 7. I am really glad that we came back when we did...traffic was better, and we had the evening to relax, and Monday morning, I ran errands...where I may or may not have had a PSL as a Thanksgiving Treat. Ha! I grabbed a couple of Turkey TV Dinners, and a small pumpkin pie, and came home, where we proceed to have our Thanksgiving Day Dinner. Ha! Then, I worked at 2:30.

So, that was our wknd!!

I will try to do a picture post, but, since I forgot my camera, I took all of my pictures on my phone...which got put on FB, thus, making it hard to save and post on here. But yes, I will..soon.


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