Friday Things (On Thursday), and An Update

Yup...still here! Just haven been busy...oh, lying around and relaxing...and working!

We are doing ok. Anker still struggles to get out, so I do most of the errands, etc. I am ok with that, for the most part. I haven't done a whole of cleaning, etc. I manage to keep the kitchen fairly decent, and I do laundry, and that's about it. I/we have been pretty much lying low, relaxing, watching TV/movies, and running errands, church, work (for me).

Last wknd was my "off wknd", and I actually cannot remember what I did. It was THAT exciting!! LOL. Actually, I took last Wednesday off as a lieu day, so I had 6 days off, and I didn't get a lick of things done! But, it was great to have some time off.  I know I went to church, had a snacky lunch with A, K, and H, and we had a nice visit, and then I made carrot cupcakes with cream cheese icing in the evening. Anker and I watched American Sniper in the evening, which was interesting. Saturday, I had to pick up something that I got off one of the bidding sites, and I think I went (back) to Walmart to return a mattress cover, and I picked up food from Montana's. We had a nice supper, and watched JOBS, and I think a couple of episodes of Y&R. Friday, was payday, nad I had also stayed at my SIL's, so after she and I went for coffee (see below), I ran around and got a few things; groceries, etc. It was a good day of running around, and accomplishing nothing. I watched a couple of movies on my laptop...including my first Christmas movie of the year...I watched Madea's Christmas, and it was pretty funny.LOL. Thursday, I hung out during the day, and around 2, I went to the park, and I sat for awhile, reading magazines, and enjoying the fall beauty. I picked up something that I won on the bidding site, and then I went to Krystle's for a sleepover. Adam was out of town for a couple of days, so she invited me, which was awesome (FYI: I joked that I would "never see" them. I think I have been up there once a week since they moved.). We had supper, and chatted a bit, perused the bidding sites (yes, I have become a bit addicted), and watched Letters To Juliet. We went to bed around 11 or so...well, I stayed up a little longer. I also didn't sleep much at all. That is really rare for me. I usually get some sleep. I only got three hours'. Oh well. We dropped H off at pre-school, and she had to pick something up that she got on one of the bidding sites. I took her for coffee at Starbucks, since I hadn't give her a bday present, and then we had a nice visit, and then we went to the dollar store, where I proceeded to get more Hallowen socks! The rest of the day, I ran around doing errands. Friday evening, we had an early supper (can't remember what it was at the moment), and then I relaxed in our bedroom, watching movies on YouTube. Wednesday, I had a staff meeting in the afternoon, and then I spent four hours at the library! It was pure, heaven! Then I just relaxed at home, reading magazines, and hanging out on the computer. Tuesday, I was supposed to meet up with a friend, so I was waiting around for her to call, or text. In the end, she forgot, but I ended up going out for a bit anyway. So, that was my/our week. Anker has taken up knitting again, and STILL harvesting stuff from the garden. Our yard seems to be a haven for kitties, as we will often see one or two hanging out on our backyard swing.

So....them there's the highlights!!

Now, on the favourites part of the last week or so....

1. Gift Cards, Gift, Cards, Gift Cards

I/we got three GC's this week. And I/FINALLY used one that Anker had got from the church when he quit there over a year ago. That was to Montana's (it actually was for 5 restaurants, but we only really have 2...we have a "partial Harvey's", but we wouldn't use it there). On Sunday, I was talking with my friend after church, and I was telling her on how things are a bit tough right now...and she said "follow me to Starbucks, and I will buy you a drink". Well, she not only bought me a drink, but she bought me a $25 GC card! I was SO HAPPY, SURPRISED, and THANKFUL!  If you want to make/see me happy, buy me a Starbucks GC! That totally made my week!
                               Me with my magazines and my Caramel Macchiato yesterday.

Hubby also got a GC from his sister to the same five restaurants that the church got for him, so we are super stoked about that. We love Montana's!!! I also won a $10 GC from Bold Pizzeria. I put my pizza on IG, and tagged them, and they just back to me, saying that I had won yay!!

2. Student Loan

Because I am the only one making money right now, I finally went online to try to defer my SL for a few months, or at least make the payments less than what I am paying now. I don't have an answer yet, but they do put it on hold while they come to a decision, so that is awesome.

3. Talking with N

I talked with my niece N yesterday, and she is such a cutie! She thought that I should go as a Kitty to our Halloween party at work. She also said that she already got candy, but "mama put it up, cause L can choke on it". LOL. She is also going as a giraffe, and L is going as a Tiger. She talks non-stop! I heart her.

4. Awesome TV

Loving TV this fall. I LOVE Code Black! It is like the ER of the 2010's! I hope they don't cancel it. Speaking of cancelling shows, GLOBAL (one of Canada's three national TV stations) cancelled one of my favourite NEW shows; Remedy. I am so mad! Ugh! I know, I know..first world problems.

5. Facebook Groups

I have said it before, and I will say it again..I LOVE my Facebook Groups. I have lots...caring for a sick spouse, infertility, and of course, the bidding groups! And, yes, I have been selling as well as buying! I am getting rid of a few things, and making a few bucks, as well, which makes me happy.

I will be doing a TToT as well, either today, or tomorrow :)

Oh..and here is something that has been floating around the interwebs. I lol'd.

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You had me at caramel macchiato!
The A Team said…
Hahaha...I love that drink!!! It's one of my faves!!! Thanks for stopping by!

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