Five on Friday

I am in the midst of doing a couple of posts, but I am not sure on when (or if ) I will publish them. I haven't done a FoF in awhile, so I thought I should one!!

1) Work:

My First FULL week of the new job went well. I was super tired (due to having a cold, and looking after H), but it was a great week. I love my job!!

2) Nephew Time:

As I stated above, I had some time with H this week. We had a fun few days. We went for Starbucks and did a Staples run one day, and I took him to soccer practice, and the last day, we went to the park for a bit. It was GORGEOUS out, so I took off my shoes and socks, and enjoyed my time while he played.

3) Routine:

K, this last wk, I didn't have much a routine as a lot of it was taken up with H, but I LOVE having a routine. I wake up...grab coffee that Anker has made, get my lunch ready, dressed, and play on the computer before heading off to work. I love being done before 3!! I actually have time to do something before supper, and the evening's activities.

4) A Short Cold:

I got a cold on Tuesday, which thankfully, only lasted a couple of days. Today, it is gone!! This makes me happy. I hate colds.

5) No Money Down...:

I may or may not have rammed into someone last Saturday while driving to meet my Aunt and Uncle, who were driving through town back to Alberta, for coffee (which I didn't end up going, as I was shook up, and I just wanted to come home). I really don't know what happened, except that he had been waiting for someone to cross, and he was still there when I ran into him. ANYWAY, he was really nice about it (as was I..I felt horrible, and so stupid!!), and he called me on Thursday to tell me that his back fender was able to just snap back on, so I didn't need to shell any money out. Anker was super supportive when I told him, and even better when I came home and showed him the damage (there wasn't much). As my mom expensive lesson cheaply learned!!!


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