Summer's Here!

Thought I would post a bit on what is going on.

We are FINALLY getting summer weather here. SOOO and sunny. A and I are planning on going camping for much of this week. There is a campground about a half hour away, which is perfect. We have never been to this campground before, so we are looking forward to it. This will probably be our only MAJOR camping trip this summer. We will be going to my parents early next month, and tenting, but we will be hanging out with the family for a lot of won't be doing a lot of camping meals. I have to work Mon and Thurs next week, but at least it's not far to go back and forth. We are hoping that his sister and family will come and join us.

Canada Day was pretty quiet. We didn't end up going down town, mainly b/c we didn't want to fight the crowds. We just stayed home..I went to church...and we went out for ice cream and a walk around the park, and then we saw the fireworks at night.

Last Saturday, I treated my dad to a pedicure for Father's Day. We went to Lunch at White Spot, and then ran a few errands, and had our pedicures. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. I think that's all the pedi's for me though for awhile. 2 in just over a month is more than I have had..for well, EVER!

My latest addiction, uh, I mean hobby is Pinterest. I didn't "get" it for awhile, but I started up with again a month or so, and I love it! Almost every site has a "Pin it" button, so it makes it easier to do. Anyway..just something fun to do..and I love to dream:)

I put in my application for my loan, so I hope to find out from them soon. I got a B+ as my final grade in my English Class. I was sooo happy!! I know it's not the big leagues, but at least it's a start.

Had a bit of a rough week this past week..well, just a rough couple of days. Just more baby longings, and an insensitive email from a family member. NO ONE will EVER be in the same situation as you are..NO ONE!! So, no one can ever understand your pain, or what you are going through.

We are on baby watch for L&A...her DD was July 5, so it could come any day.

I had a lovey Friday yesterday. I love Fridays. Every Friday, nearly with out fail, I go get some weekly magazines, then go to Starbucks, and journal for the week, and read my mags. It is SO fun, and sometimes the highlight of my week!! I think once school starts, it will have to be on Saturday. It was SO beautiful yesterday. After my coffee time, I had to run a few I went to the TCC pool, where I have a free pass for the summer. I was thinking that I probably should have gone to the beach, but I didn't want to fight the busy-ness. I had fun..although the water was a bit too warm...but it was nice to some excerise. I went down their water slide..twice..such fun!! It's never open when I am there, so I thought I would take advantage of it. I got my bangs trimmed, and then I got myself a Screamer, and came home, and sat outside on our green space..I read, I journalled. Just hung out for the rest of the evening...hubby was working on a project, and I made supper. We usually (but not always) have Fish and Chips on Fridays. I did a bit of a (healthier?) twist on the fish, was good.

Oh yes..last Thursday, I got to look after Hayden for a couple of hours while his mommy went to the dentist. We had SO MUCH fun!! It wasn't overly warm (there was a wind), but it was still lovely to hang out at the park. I took him on the swing, which he LOVED, I swear were there for a half hour swinging. I took him to the water park...a first for him...he didn't love it, though. I think I look after him this Friday.

We have a place where we are going to celebrate our 5th anni. We are really looking forward to that. We M cousins are going to have a reunion right after the Aug long wknd. We are very much looking forward to being together...probably the well..ever!! Looking forward to seeing everyone, and having lovely visits, and of course can't to see all the babies!!!

I was thinking (hoping??) that I was pregnant earlier in the week..I had all the signs..well, mainly the nauseous signs...but I took to PG tests, and thy were NEG! Oh well.

I got my immunisations for school the other week. I had no idea that adults were to get another MMR/Polio vaccine in their later years. (I also test NEG to being exposed to TB..yay!)

It's off to start packing...:)


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