Bday news, and an update on Lucy

On my birthday, I wrote about Lucy Krull, a girl who lives in TN, USA, who is about 6(?) years old who has been fighting cancer for about 15 months. I wrote that I was sad to hear/read that it didn't look like she had much time left on this earth..well, I am here to report that while they are certainly not out of the woods yet, she is MUCH BETTER!! I was nearly crying (which I don't do often), knowing that this family would have to let go of their sweet daughter!!! SO glad that it looks like they will get to spend more time with her on this earth. Please pray, however, that she continues in this direction!

I also wanted to report on my friend D, who is 26 wks pregnant with their second baby. You may remember last year, when I was talking about Baby T, whom she lost due to a premature birth (24.5 wks). It looks like she will be deliver the baby in the next couple of weeks..please pray that she delivers the latest as possible. She is in STRICT bed rest at the hospital, and just waiting for to her deliver the baby.

Ok..on to other news...I had a great birthday. Hubs got away with not planning anything, since people from Vavenby were coming into a "Couple's Night Out" evening seminar. If you have never got a chance to hear Phil Callaway, you SHOULD!! It was a night of laughs, and provoking thoughts. Prior to that, tho, my two sets of aunts and uncles came in with two other couples (one, girl, who's bday is just a day before mine, and her hubby came in as well), so we had a great evening. I was a bit sad that mom and dad couldn't join us, but we went out aftewards for coffee:) We had a great dinner at White Spot, complete with chocolate cake!!

Last night, the girls who I go for coffee with gave me a lovely party at Montana's. We had a lot of good fun, laughter, and the food was amazing. They also gave me some really sweet gifts.

My last day of school was on Thursday. It was bitter sweet...glad that my crazy schedule is over, but sad that I won't be in a great class with some great ppl!!! I also have paid my first payment to school in the fall!!! It is all a bit daunting, but exciting at the same time.

Well, I should try and just relax for the rest of the day..just thought I will give you a quick update!


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