Two Little Girls....

Today my thoughts are on two precious little girls. I have been following their cancer struggles via blog. I have been following Kate's since nearly the day she was diagnosed with cancer, nearly three years ago..the other, Lucy, I guess I have been following for 15 months..I guess also since she got the diagnosis (her mom was already blogging about their family before Lucy got cancer..and she just continued on with the same blog for Lucy).

Kate is a little girl who (if I can remember correctly) is about 7 or 8. She was diagnosed with cancer June 2009. Her family has gone through extensive treatments for her...all the while praying, hoping and believing that she would fight it. It looks like she will. They have moved from AZ to CA (due to her dad's work), and I think their next move will be to wait and see if the cancer progresses or comes back. If I am reading correctly, it looks like she will make it....

Lucy, on the other hand, will not. She was diagnosed about 15 months ago, which, like Kate's family turned their lives upside down. It looked like she was doing well, and fighting it, but I went to their blog yesterday to find out that she only has weeks or even days to live. My heart is breaking for this family.

I see soo many similarities in this family....the girls are both middle (of three) children...both are from strong Christian Families, and they both have little brothers!! And they are both fighters. I can't imagine losing a sibling or a child to cancer (or anything for that matter). No parent should have to bury a child...

I don't know why God chooses to let one child live and let another just seems so wrong...questions that I will ask when I get to heaven, for sure.

Please pray for the McRae, and Krull families...Kate's Mom Holly, and Lucy's mom, Kate, both have public blogs, which I will post here for you.

Lucy's blog:
Kate's Blog : ( I think you may have to register with CB, but not totally sure...)


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