Five on Friday!

Hi everyone!!!

This will be super short, with no pictures, b/c I SHOULD ALREADY be in bed, as I am this is my "work weekend", buuuut, you know on how I can't resist doing an FOF! I will do the link ups with the host bloggers tomorrow....but for is the list.

1) Gilmore Girls

I am probably the LAST PERSON in all of the First World Countries who haven't watched the entire series, but I am doing just that. I wanted something light and fluffy, but not too stupid, and I have been wanting to try GG for awhile, and I finally started it this last week. I have watched a few episodes, so I do know the basic SL, so at least I am not going in it COMPLETELY blind. I love it. I probably won't buy all the seasons, but I do love it. I love Michel, and I cannot get over on how STUFFY Emily is! LOL. Even though it is a young adult series, I can totally appreciate it...I talk fast, I grew up in a small town, and though I don't have kids, I can definitely appreciate the mother-daughter dynamic.

2) Time With Friends

I went to my friend T's for the first time in two weeks on Weds, and we are going through TBBT apparently, which could take years, if we are going to keep meeting every two weeks. LOL. Yes, gone are the weeks when we would hang out every day. With me being back at work, I have been not as free as I was in late winter/spring/early summer. We did have a nice time, though, and I did stop to get us treats :)

3) New Tunes.

I am probably the only person who doesn't own an iPod. I love my CDs, thankyouverymuch :) Anyway, I bought KU's CD that came out in May. It isn't my fave, but hey, it's KU, and I have had all of his CDs, so I HAD to get this one. At least I have new music.

4) Time With H

I hung out with H today. I took him to Tim Hortons, and he was THRILLED! I went to Walmart, and I had planned on buying him something, but btwn what he wanted (too expensive, weapons), and I what I wanted to buy him (cheap, no weapons), there wasn't much choice. I have promised him that we will go the dollar store next time we are together.

5) Warm Weather/Beach Time

I kind of already said this another post, but I went to the beach last Sunday after church. I had a lovely time, and it was a HOT day! I only go to the beach when it is hot, no clouds, and no wind. I had fun!!! It has been HOT this week, too!!! It is supposed to get up to 34c tomorrow! EEK!!! Did I mention that I love working in an INDOOR A/C'd place? :)

6) Medal Count 

I am very proud of our Canadian Athletes this week. We have 21! We would have had 22, but one athlete got bumped, then he bumped someone else, so he lost his medal. Hubby thinks that there won't be anymore...I am hoping for at least one more :)

Have a great wknd, everyone!!!


Ah... Tim Hortons! (one of the many things we miss about Canada!) :-) I'll have a double-double, please.
Chris Carter said…

I can make you feel REALLY GOOD about Gilmore Girls- I have NEVER watched one episode. Ha!

I think I need to though, right?

Love your updates!
Love this, thanks for linking up and sharing :)

Have a great weekend!!!
Danielle Siero said…
I have not watched the entire series of Gilmore Girls either! Pretty sure when it was on another show I liked better was on at the same time. I've seen one or two episodes, but not many. I totally need to Netflix that!
Danielle Siero said…
Also.. we have Tim Hortons in Michigan! ;)
The A Team said…
Thank you all for visiting!!! I don;t feel bad NOT having yet seen all of GG...:) I have heard that there are some places in the US that have TH...esp in the airports. Very cool.

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