That Time that We took in a Stray Kitten, and She's Still With Us

I haven't really been into blogging much lately, but there are a few posts in my drafts that are in my blog roll, that should get either published or deleted, so I thought I would do one or two :) I also haven't done a Friday link up post in the last couple of weeks, and I might do that, too.

So, if you follow me on IG or FB, you will see that we have a new kitty. She seemed to have adopted us. Just after Christmas, as hubby was out having his smoke, one of the neighbour kitties decided she would walk on in, and she pretty much hasn't left!

We tried to find her her owner; twice I put her picture on a couple of our city's group pages, and in the mean time, we had chatted with our neighbours, and found out that she used to belong to the girlfriend of the neighbour next door (where we found out what her name is), and she either tried to give her away, and the cat got away, or she just left the cat to fend for herself, as the cat seemed to be roaming around the neighbourhood since she left.She came on in, and just made herself at home. And she ate a lot, so we figure that she WAS left out, and abandoned. Poor thing. She and Callie LOVE playing together!! She has given us much more laughter, and she loves her cuddles, whereas Callie doesn't like to be held; only petted. Of course, we love our Callie, too :)

We were only planning on keeping her until we either found her owner, or until someone wanted her. Well, we didn't find the owner (unless they were next door, in that case, they didn't want her), nor did we find anyone who wanted to take her. Well, my co-worker said she would take her, but now, hubby (and even me) have grown attached to her, so now, she is ours.

We don't really know on what kind of cat she is....we only know she is black (duh), short/medium hair. We think she is still a kitten...not even sure if she has been spayed....nor do we know on if she has her shots yet. We really don't have the money for vet bills, but thankfully, we are with a local Social Development program that helps their clients with vet bills.

So, without further ado...let me introduce you to Sahara:

I have over 100 pics of Calico on FB, and only 10 of Oops :)

 Don't worry, we really don't like her (or them) on the table...we try to shoo them off as soon as we see them on there.
 One of the first pics I took of Sahara. She took to Calico's cat tree like a house on fire.
                                               For some reason, she loves our bathmat.

FYI: My parents don't know we have a second cat sister thinks we should have given her up. LOL.


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