Christmas/Winter Bucket List..How'd I Do?

I thought it would be fun to go through my list, and see on how "well" I did with my Christmas Bucket List this year.

To recap, here is my list:

To see on whether I have done it or at the end of each item.

1. Buy ONE Christmas DVD/CD, some fun accessory, ornament, decoration. (I have bought A Charlie Brown Christmas on DVD, got a new set of Christmas earrings, and I got a few ornaments from people so far this year, and I bought some decorations)....Done.
2. Sleep by the tree with its lights on (you can interpret that how you this the other night.
3. Make a Gingerbread house with hubby (we usually do this every year)...I didn't do this with Anker, but I did do this at work. Does that count?
4. Baking (either with someone or by myself)....done...both at home and at work.
5. Bake Christmas cookies for our neighbours (I have done this the last couple of years...not sure if I will do this this year though..)..I didn't do this this year.
6. Read Christmas magazines (or a Christmas novel) while drinking some Christmas bevvy, in front of the tree, while listening to Christmas music (Bonus if it's snowing!). (already read my mags while reading Christmas magazines)...Done.
7. Watch Christmas movies with hubby (as well as alone). (already done this)..Done
8. Make (and drink!) either homemade apple cider or some mulled beverage. (did this with K awhile back).....I had some apple cider at my friends house.
9. Christmas Carol (I actually don't do this..but hey, you never know!) Nope But we did sing Christmas carols while at our friends' house...does that count?..Actually, we morning coffee ladies DID carol to the Blood Donor Clinic while they were at the there...I DID go carolling.
10. Go to a store (Wal-Mart, Superstore, etc) at 2 or 3 in the morning (while they are open 24 hours). This didn't happen, since neither of them were open 24 hours. hubby and I did a fairly late shopping at Walmart, though.
11. Take a walk (downtown would be awesome) in the snow while the snow is falling. Didn't happen.
12. Do a Christmas Bible Reading Plan...Done. I did three.
 13. Attend an indoor Christmas Event (Play, musical, theatre, concert, {either church and/or community} etc)...we didn't do this this year....kind of sad...though we did go to a craft fair together...which should be included in this :)
14. Attend an outdoor Christmas Event (Santa Parade, Holiday train, Christmas tree lighting, Christmas Community for Babies...Gift Fundraiser, etc)...Didn't do this, either.
15. Watch a Christmas special (not movie). Bonus if it's live. (I already did this..watched THE WIZ, and it was great!)
16. Help Serve the Hungry (Salvation Army, etc)/Do a Good Deed (Give someone a GC, adopt a family/single Mom, etc)...I did give someone a GC. You can read about it here.
17. Go to a Christmas Eve (or Day) Service (or Mass, etc). Didn't do this, either.
18. Go Ice Skating...not yet.
19. Sip hot cocoa/hot chocolate in front of a real fire (bonus if it's outside!)/roast marshmallows/s'mores (bonus if it's with hubby..and even BIGGER bonus, if I end up turning this into a picnic; stargaze)..Haven't done this yet...maybe while at the Ranch.
20. Decorate the tree (duh!)...Done.
21. Go and check out the lights (on houses) (drive or walk)...Did this twice.
22. Visit a Farm (Christmas Tree/Stables, etc- Ok, I realize that we WILL be visiting OUR farm/ranch, but sometimes, visiting another farm is kind of fun-and go on a sleigh ride..Nope..didn't happen.
23. Toboggan..nope..didn't do this...yet.
24. Play in the snow; build a fort/snowman, make a snow angel....not yet.
25. Christmas Crafts (already done, and I am horrible at it!!)...done.

Things to do with H:

1. Build a Snowman....not yet.
2. Bake....kind of..I was there when he was finishing up cookies with his mom.
3. Watch a Christmas movie. (already done, while I was looking after him...twice actually, as I was there a week prior. Last week, we watched the Old fun!)
4. Do a Christmas craft. (already I said, I am horrible)
5. Go to a Christmas event (not sure if this will happen, but you never know)...nope.
6. Read a Christmas story together...nope.

I guess on a whole, I didn't do too bad....will hope to do some different things next year....or at least try and do what I didn't do this year.

Did you make a Christmas/Winter Bucket List? Did you do everything on it?


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