New Year's Eve 2015 (and Other Happenings)

Happy 2016!!!

                                                       Photo credit: Zedge

I hope this year is the best year yet! Or at least better than last year. Ha!

The highlights were:

Getting a new-to-us car, getting not one, not two, but three positions (including a permanent one, which now allows me lieu days, holidays, etc. I am in a temporary one now, but since I have a permanent position with the company, I still get the permanent status..yay!), moving, going to Vancouver in June, and having my specialist tell me that I was doing awesome (and tell me that I don't need one of my meds), then Victoria in August, seeing my little brother get married, welcoming, and meeting my niece Lilah, getting our new kitty, and well, that is all :) Plus...a little something may be in the works..stay tuned.

The lowlights were:

My childhood friend dying, Hubby being cut off from disability, saying goodbye to our car, having to get a new battery for our new-to-us car as soon as we got it, always being broke, hubby deciding not to go to church anymore, no one understanding our life (infertility, life with someone who has a disability, and a disease), and as of a few days ago, needing a new cord for my laptop (and being too broke to buy one, so I just use tape. True story).

It actually wasn't that bad of a year (other than Matt dying), so I guess we can't be that depressed about it. LOL.

So, our NYE was pretty low-key, cause we are low-key and boring like that. Anker also had a cold, and Mom had a cold, so we didn't want to venture to the ranch (I might go out tomorrow...the second..not sure yet). I ran a few errands (that may or may not have included Starbucks), and came home, made up some snacky food, and we watched Penguins of Madagascar. We also watched a few things on TV, watched the news, Skyped my sister, and had Spumante sparking wine. SO GOOD! I didn't even taken any pictures. Well, I took one, but it was rather boring, so I don't think I will share it. Or maybe I will. Ha! I slept in SUPER late this morning (Jan 1st), and we had a relaxing day, watching TV, I ran some errands, did laundry, made a few calls, and made a ham dinner with hubby. We watched the news, and Y&R, and I just finished watching a movie.

Just curious...does anyone else watch Christmas movies/specials, and listen to Christmas music after Jan 1? I just deleted some Christmas baking/light shows, but I am still watching Christmas shows that I recorded on our PVR. I haven't watched all of our Christmas movies, but I watched most of them, so that makes me happy. LOL.

So..on to what happened over the last month:

A couple of weeks ago was super busy for me....I went to our friends house for a Christmas/Birthday party for our friend. We had a lovely time together; ate lots, laughed, and had a great visit. The next day, I slept in, since I was working a night shift that night. I hung out, relaxed, and then went to our work Christmas party. It was a fun time, and I won a $20 GC to M and M Meats. On December 10, my aunt and uncle took us out for dinner. We had a lovely time, then afterwards, we went up the street to one of the best lit houses in town. Afterwards, hubby and I drove around to look at some lights. This past Tuesday, I went to have dinner at my friends house. Our other friend, Krista was in town for a few days, and we all wanted to see her. We had a lovely dinner; lasagne and ceaser salad, and garlic bread. And lots of yummy treats. I stayed a little longer to chat with Kim and Krista, and left around 10:30. Hubby and I haven't done a ton of things this season (or, but it's ok. We did go to a craft fair together, and went shopping together...and of course, we had Christmas Eve dinner together. It is what it is...he doesn't like to go out, and I do. Ha!

Well, that's our year in a very small nutshell, and my last couple of weeks.

Here are a few pictures:

                                              The house that we went to see:

                                        We had a big dump of snow last wknd. So fun. NOT!
 I am very thankful for my 5 minute drive to work..especially at night, in the winter.
                                                   The only picture that I took on NYE.


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