Days off Things

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, I took my first holidays for/of the year. I have two more coming to me in March, then not sure when the other ones will happen, since I haven't booked them yet (They do it in two put in...if you want to...your holidays for the first part of the year in Octo/Nov, then in March, we book our last part of the year).

Monday, as I stated in another post, I came home in the morning, and was back in town around 12:30, and, since the roads were horrible, I didn't venture anywhere for the rest of the day. I relaxed and didn't do a whole lot for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, I went to Krystle's, as I brought a few things back from the ranch that H had left. We had lunch, and had a lovely chat...then I went to the church to pick up a gift from my Secret Sister. She gave me some chocolates and a Starbucks GC. I decided to go through the Drive Thru at Starbucks, and as I paid for my order, the barista said that the person in front of me had paid for my drink! He said that they had dumped snow on my car, and felt bad. I didn't see any snow, but hey...a free drink is awesome! I tried the new Latte Macchiato, and I wasn't a fan, as it was too strong for me. Once I got home, I put some hot chocolate in it :) Hubby and I both had Dr's. appts, so that was our hot date for the week. We dropped off our RX's, and, since it was going to be over and hour, we grabbed some chicken strips for supper, and came home. I went back out an hour later, and went to the library, then I grabbed our RX's, and went to McD's to read some magazines, but I didn't stay there too long, as I didn't feel safe, so I came home.

Wednesday, I met Mom for coffee at The Bucks, and we had a lovely chat for an hour. I ran a few more errands, then came home. Anker and took down our Christmas stuff, which is a big load off my shoulders. Our tree is still up, but he has to take it apart branch by branch in order for it to fit into the storage box. Around 5:30, I went out to meet my friends for a farewell/bday dinner for our friend who is off to AZ for three months! Since I was strapped for cash, I really only allowed myself $15 for dinner..not the best allotment for dinner, but when you only have $30 left, you have to do, what you have to do. I got a Prawn Uvechi, which is very interesting. The prawns were SO GOOD!!! When I die, you can bury me in prawns and butter, and I will be happy (well, I guess I will be in heaven, so I won't It was kind of like a Chicken Marsala. We ate at a local Greek restaurant, and it is usually really good. At any rate...we had a lovely visit, and lots of laughs. The place was near empty, so that was awesome, too. AND I got a parking space (downtown) right in front of the door. So, that made me happy!

Today, I just chilled and grilled (my new saying). I did manage to clean our stove top, and did dishes, and got caught up on Y&R. I ran out to Starbucks, and I journalled, which was muchly needed...and then came home...talked with my cousin, and my aunt, and then ran back out to get some French fries to go with our chicken strips. So, that was my day! Hubby has been hogging the couch (and TV) for most of the day, but I don't mind :)

So, those were my/our first few days of 2016!!!


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