My Time at/on the Ranch

Anker and I hummed and haaa'd about going to my family's for (and around) New Years. Anker got sick (like, fairly sick) with a cold (that I have not gotten yet..yay!), so I didn't end up going FOR NYE, so I decided to leave on Sat, Jan 2. It helped that I didn't have to work on Mon/Tues (the first of my holidays for the year..yay!), and since Anker wasn't up going, I went alone was sad that he didn't come, but in a way, it is kind nice to get out and do something like a road trip by myself. The roads (and weather) were great! I arrived at around 4, and we had a lovely turkey dinner with my brothers, and my SIL. We played TABOO and Truth Be Told, and had a lot of laughs, and watched whatever was on TV, and went to bed.

Sunday, went to church, and came home and ate left over turkey dinner, and visited. Went over to my aunt and uncles to have Christmas pudding. SO GOOD! We had a lovely visit in front of the fire, and then it was time for Downton Abbey!!! I think it was the first time EVER that Mom and I had watched it "LIVE" (vs an episode on Netflix or DVD), so that was super fun!!! We had chips and grape juice. Yum!!! We watched the specials afterwards, which were fun. We watched whatever else was on TV, and then went to bed.

Monday, I was planning on leaving mid afternoon, or even staying another day, but since Dad knows on how I HATE to drive in the snow (esp on the HWY), and he (we all did) knew that there was to be some snow (it had snowed HERE since Sat evening, and the roads on the hwy cams looked HORRIBLE), he advised me to leave ASAP. So, I did. The roads were great until about 30 minutes from town, then they got bad, then they got nasty. I nearly got into an accident, which thankfully, I adverted. It was SO nice to not have to work Monday evening. I pretty much just hung out in our room (where I still have my laptop top, etc set up), and FB'd, etc. SO FUN! I haven't even been watching much TV...just listening to music, and chilling.

                                           Christmas Pudding!!!
                                                                My parents' tree.
                                                  The only sheep picture that I took.

I didn't take many pics, b/c frankly, I didn't feel like it :)


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