Saturday, October 13, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Well, I am determined to keep up a blog. I don't really think Facebook (for which I am STILL addicted), really cuts it as far as keeping a blog goes. I am going to start to put up pictures here on this site, as I really dont feel comofortable to posting certain pictures on Facebook.

So, I am sitting here on this sort of dreary Fall day, wishing I could get going on other things. I have a bed that needs to be made, a cake that needs to be baked, I birthday party I really should go to (well, that is later), a house to clean (including bedroom), and the list goes on! I thought I would update you on our Thankgiving Weekend. Does anyone read these things anymore??? I think that MySpace is sooooo yesterday...which is why I am not posting there anymore. I mean, who reads it..haha.

So, we went to the Ranch for Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful few days. Both Adam and Luke where there, along with Krystle, of course!, and her friend Janette, who is going to Bible College in Three Hills. We had met her at A/K's wedding (she was her MOH), but we really didnt get to know her. We sure enjoyed having her there, and getting to know her.

Anyway..great to see everyone...we took a couple of walks, and the fall colours were soooooo pretty:) We played games, watched movies, ate ALOT, and had naps, and visited too! Did I mention that we ate ALOT!!??

So, my sister got her hair cut..and she looks AMAZING!! I think it made a good few years a good way! I just couldn't believe it. made her look good!!

We came back, and Anker got sick. He is JUST now getting better..I have been the dutiful wife, taking care of him:) He really got hit hard with it this time. I hope I don't get sick.

Here are some pictures I took over the weekend..I hope it works:

K, well, not sure where the pictures are..haha. I hope they posted. We had a joint birthday party for Anker and Luke. I decided that I would make bday cakes for the guys..I dont have pix, b/c our camera's batteries died..haha...we celebrated it on Sunday afternoon. Anker's birthday is on Monday, but b/c we are both working, we are celebrating it on Sunday. We are also going to the African Childrens Choir on Sunday evening. Oh..also, Anker and I are both going to Work Search Centres to look for ways of looking for work and or more training. I really don't like where I am working at all. It is really getting me down. Also, it really isnt going anywhere. Anker is needing more work. We can't have babies on what we make!! That bout sums it up for now!

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