Crazy, Crazy World!!


Well, I really hope this blog is private..haha..not sure..but maybe no one is even LOOKING at this thing. oh well. I wont add any pics now, as I have Facebook for that. BUT once we start expanding, then we will add pics.

So, our trip to the PNE went well. (see FB for pics) Well, actaully, the PNE kind of sucked, but the rest of the weekend went fine. We stayed at his sisters, and had a nice time. We went to Fort Langley on Sunday, and on Monday came home. It was a nice short weekend.

Work continues to be very stressful. I know, I should be happy..and i am..cause I am only part time. But I am struggling with my stats, which makes it really stressful ( I wont even go into my stats, just certain metrics i need to meet). Anyway...I am looking for something else, just not sure what I want to do.

KidsLife and Bible study start at CCC today. I have decided that I wanted to help out. Anker also goes to Bible Study, so it is a time for us to go out together (well, sort of) and just enjoy being in the house of the Lord. I also am helping out during Sunday School. This is I love that sort of thing. It is only once a month, and I am helping, not Teaching (although, that would have been ok too). I just find teaching rather draining, esp, if I dont have any material!! But I am really looking forward to this.

I am really enjoying being married. Despite our money and work stresses, I LOVE being a wife!! I am still not used to my last name yet..and being called a wife, (or being referred to as a wife), or calling/refering to Anker as my husband!! It is nice to share all this stuff with, on a daily basis.

My friend Crystal (who was in my wedding) is leaving tomororow to move to Drayton Valley! I am very sad, but happy, as her husband as been struggling with finding work for awhile. My friend Jill is here with her family, so I am looking forward to spending time with them! I am also enjoying getting to know couples in the church. I am trying to set up a few "couple date" with some people in CCC.

Mom and dad are ok, but very stressed as well. I guess lamb went for less than it did last year, so they are now trying to figure out what they should do next. Mom has gone to Calgary for a couple of days to take some of A & K's stuff out to them.

That is pretty much about it for now!
And at the end of the day, we are really doing well. We really must rely on Jesus for EVERYTHING!!

oh..Anker and i went to a work search place for him to get a start on looking for a job, or for re-training. Please pray that Anker will be eligible.

The WHOLE REASON (well, some of) of why my post was titled "crazy.." was that this afternoon, Anker goes to leave, and finds out that someone had shot something thru the right passenger car window. ARRGH! so, now we have no window. WE need glass. Also, anker's back has been hurting him, and I was hoping I could get him in to see the Chiropractor, but not now!!
oh well:) that is all for now, folks!


Rae said…
Good job on the Blogging, its nice to hear that you are doing well!!

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