Friday, August 24, 2007

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Well, I finally decided to start a REAL blog..forget MySpace, forget FB, (I will post there too, though), and any other blog site..thanks to my friend Jamie, I found this neat blog site! I will post what i posted (as well as past posts) on this site to start with. At first, i thought, well, maybe I should wait until we have kids before we start one, but I also noticed that other ppl with no kids have one...sooooo, I thought, why not?? Here goes..!

posted Aug 6 on MySpace:The wedding was a great day...very hot though. I can't wait until my pics. come. Everything went really well. Everyone said it was a lovely day. We are just relaxing and nesting. We got a alot of nice gifts, and i had a nice Bridal shower and stagette party a week before my wedding. We were married July 27, and i also found out that my friend, also eloped that day, so that was kind of cool to hear. she was engaged, but they were so tired of trying ot find dates, i guess they just decided to go for it. Not sure what else to write. I was able to enjoy my day, and everything went well. the only problem was that Anker's niece who is 3, decided that she didn't like the dress that we bought her, and we didnt get her in many pics, as she was playing shy. oh well, at least she got down the aisle. her mom did have another dress, that i actually liked better, and so his niece preferred that dress. I didnt cry, but i was just really nervous. I kept asking dad if anker had shown up..LOL. We went Camping at Cultus Lk, new Chilliwak, for a few days. Camping on a honeymoon is an interesting thing! The weather was pretty good. Went on waterslides and to the beach, and had ice cream ALOT! The camping site where we stayed was very nice too. A bit crowded, and close together. I would go back though. Just in case anyone was wondering, we stayed at Vedder River Campground. We ended our honeymoon watching the "Festival of Lights" Fireworks show from English Bay. What a great evening! We spent the night at his sisters, which was really nice. They will still away on their Camping holiday.
Aug 17:Greetings from Sunny Kamloops. So, we have been married 3 weeks today! I am loving being married. We have been pretty much in "Honeymoon-mode" since we got back, which is nice. I will be going back to work 3 days/wk starting next week, but we need the benefits, and the money. Anker will hopefully get another contract, so then we should be ok. God has been wonderful to us. We really dont have alot of money, but somehow we manage to go on little trips. We went to mom and dad's on mon-weds. It was very busy, but very nice. We helped my dad celebrate his bday, with a BBQ, that we older kids did entirely ourselves. Our cousins, and there families were also at the ranch. Anker and I took the tent and decided to camp. The first night itw as freezing. So, the second night, Anker heated up rocks and wrapped them up, and stuck them in our bed. It did help, and the it was warmer out side, as well.On Weds, Anker and I took the Vienna, and her friend, and Isaac to Spahatts falls. It was a quick trip, but nice to just do something, and Anker had never been up to Wells gray Park. We just had a snack/picnic at the Info Centre on the way home.I was just abot to leave, when Isaac cut his finger on a hand saw. We weren't sure if he needed stitches, but I offered to take him into Clearwater just to check it out. He was fine, and didnt need them, much to his releaf.Anker and STILL didnt leave until after 6...after which we visited w/ Aunty June on the way home. We had a quite evening. Our marriage certifcate came in the mail yesterday, so now I can go to the bank, etc, to get my name changed. I think that is about it for now..not much else...:) My friend Crystal is moving to Drayton Valley, and I am very sad about that but my other Friend Jil is moving here, so I am very happy about that:)And just in case you were wondering about babies: Alot of people are asking if/when we are going to have a baby..which is fine...but we will probably start next spring or summer:) I realy wanna be a mom..I have wanted this all my life. Do any of you know of names that start with "A"?
This was posted today:
Afternoon, all!I just wanted to quickly update you all on my life! I went back to work on Tuesday. I really fought going. But yesterday was nice, and it has been pretty quiet there, I guess. Calm before the storm, maybe? It usually gets busier aroudn there in the fall, after Labour Day, until Christmas. It was nice to see everyone again, and get caught up. My TL, Gen, is going to have a baby in Nov, so we will get a new TL, so I am sad about that, but maybe it will be Kathy, so I will like that:) I am back to work 3 days a week, which works just fine for me. I worked Wed, thurs and Sat th is week, b.c of it being my first week back, them having problem w/ scheduling, and for the next 5 weeks or so, I will work Mon/Tues, and Thurs. It works for me!Anker and I had 4 really lazy days prior to our getting back to life. It was kind of boring, as in I really wanted to get out, but we didnt have any money,and I felt guilty, but I really did enjoy the quietness. We watched alot of movies, which was nice. Now, I need to clean my house. I am attempting to clean my fridge today.We got some nice pics of Spahatts Falls, which I will put up later today. Anker loaded them on his computer. It has been warmer again the last few days. We are thinking about either going to the PNE or to the North Thompson Fall Fair over the labour day weekend. My family is going to be there, with their stuff, but Anker wants to take me to the PNE. HMM?? not sure yet. I have the full weekend off, so not sure yet. We may end up camping if we go to the NTFF, but we get free lodging if we go to the PNE. Also, my cousin, Nicole is getting married Sept 23, and I would love to go that, she did invite us, which is awesome, but not sure if we can financially pull it off. We would also love to go to Calgary over Thanksgiving weekend, so he can meet the rest of my family (extended), but again, not sure if we can do that or not. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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