Mother's Day Wknd and a Photo Dump

I am not going to do a Sunday Social, and I don't even know if I am going to do TToT, but I thought I would recap on our Mother's Day weekend.

First, though, I was going to dump some photos on the short trip to the ranch TWO Thursdays ago. I went mainly get away from our noisy apartment complex, and I had to grab meat, eggs, and wool/yarn. I also wanted to play with some baby lambs

It was a super short trip, barely 24 hours, but it was great to get away. I actually don't mind driving on my own, and the trip both ways was good, but a lot of traffic. Here are just a few pictures from that trip.

 Getting some lamby love.
 How can you not love that little face?

I love me some lamby love!! They were so sweet!! I love the orphan lambs.

Ok, so this past wknd, we went to the ranch to buy KK (along with my aunts cat, Benji who also died this winter), and to spend MD with Mom and the fam.

****edited/upated May 17/14****

Yes, I seemed to have fallen off the blogging wagon. Again. Well, I am hoping spend some time catching up on some posts today. So, let's continue with last wknds post shall, we?

So, as I was saying LAST wknd we wen to the ranch to the ranch bury KK and to spend Sunday with my mum. We had a great drive out ; the weather was lovely.
After some time wandering around, we were able to bury our kitties; here are a few pictures..


Starting to cover up the hole.

Mom has gotten into Downton Abbey (yay!) so we watched a couple of episodes. We had a very nice supper and relaxed in the evening. It was a nice time spent with family. Watched another DA (season 4) with Sister, and chatted with S who is now home from college. I didn't have a good nights rest, which is rare for me when I am at my family's place. Woke up and had a great (early!) breakfast with Mom and gave her her gifts. Actually went back to bed for a bit, as I was tired and cold, and Anker had gone back to bed as well. Woke up just in time to go to church. Anker went to church for the first time in MONTHS. It was a nice service and EVERYONE got flowers :) Came home and helped V with getting the picnic ready. We went to some property across the river and had a lovely picnic and walk.
 Sandwiches and cookies for our picnic.
 Some awkward family photos..ugh!
Clearly, I am not related to these

All in all it was a great wknd! I am really glad we went. I think Mom was glad we came too :)


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