5 (Plus A Few More) On Friday

Yes, I am behind in my blog posts. Please don't judge :) Well, I am linking up with the girls again this week for 5 on Friday, but after the week I have had (which will get it's own blog post), I thought I should concentrate on all the good things that have been happening lately.

1. Frappy Hour's Back!.
Actually it is over as of tomorrow. I had no idea that it was on all week (Just thought it was over last wknd), so I took advantage of it today. I tried the new Cafe Espresso Frap. The first time I tried it, I didn't like it, but I tried it again today, and I gotta say that it wasn't that bad.

2. EBay.
I am loving eBay again. I have found some CD's, and some Grey's Anatomy, and I am hoping that I win a Downton Abbey series or two. I also have just celebrated my 10th Ebay-iversary!

3. For People Who....
Attempt to understand on how I am feeling re: my feelings on Mother's Day.  A couple people who have kids have FB'd me links regarding "childless mothers and Mother's Day.

4. Good TV
Big Bang, Grey's Remedy, Motive, Y&R.
The are all done for the year (well, one more epi left for some of them), but they are really good.

5. A Big (ger) Paycheque.
I was only expecting $300 today. I got $200 more. Gotta love working Stats!!!

6. Ladies Rtrt.
I will do a ppst on this as well, but last weekend, I spend time with 38 other ladies and a lovely resort. Had a great wknd, great fellowship, great food, and great word!

7. Chiropractors
I love them. That is all.

8. I am Trying to Get Fit (well, at least lose some wt).
I am trying to eat better and as of last night, going for walks every other night (every night preferred, but hey, I am trying)


Brittanylea02 said…
Every other night is better than no nights! Hope all is okay hun! :)

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