Ten Things of Thankful-Mothers Day and Regular Day Edition

Linking up with Liz for this weeks TToT.

Yes, I aknowledge that it has been awhile since I have linked up for a TToT. I have missed it so I figured that it was time. Since I didn't join in on the MD one last wk, I thought I would do half of this dedicated to my mom, and half to regular life.

I am so thankful that:

1. My Mom chose to stay home with us.
I am so glad that Mom chose to be a stay at home Mom while we were young. Yes, she would get quite busy with things in the church, but we kids were her #1 priority, and I am forever thankful.

2. That she chose to home educated us.
We were in school for the first few years, but then Mom decided (and Dad too) that she would home educate us. That was before homeschooling was popular, and we were considered weird. You would think that living on a farm would keep ups isolated, but it never did.

3. That she taught us the Word of God.
Obviously, Dad did that as well, but we are talking about moms here. At any rate, she loved (and still does) talking about about the Bible, Christianity, pretty much anything related to God. She can spend hours talking about it. We had many a breakfast talking to the parents about the Bible, and our own personal walk with God.

4. We Could talk with her about Anything.
Anything. Life. Friends. God. Sex. She always said that nothing was off limits.

5. She (and Dad) Modeled a Good Marriage.
Obviously, their marriage isn't perfect, but they have fought to have a great marriage. They are always quite affectionate with (and front of us) each other, and as we got older always explained the value of a good marriage, what books they were reading and felt that helped them, etc.

....Regular life....

6. Hubby FINALLY had his Biopsy this week!
After weeks of waiting, he finally got it done on Thursday. He only had local freezing, and was not put under, so we were only there for a few hours. Hubby said that it didn't hurt as much as he thought it would. Now we just have to wait to see either our GP or the GI. Ugh! At least the results are already in :)

7. Long Weekend
It is a long wkd in Canada (we call it Victoria Day wknd). I am just relaxing today, and working some of the wknd, which I don't mind. The idea of a long weekend seems make me slow down a little and relax and enjoy life (wait, don't I do that already??)

8. Repayment Relief
 For the second time since having to pay off the loan, I have asked for repayment relief. And I was approved. Yay!

9. I worked 2 Days this wk ( and more in the next wk or so).
I am glad to be back after two weeks of not being called in. I missed everyone at work.

10. My Neck is getting Better.
It has almost healed up. I hope the soreness NEVER comes back. I still have no clue as to what brought it on.


Lizzi R said…
#5 is HUGE! You are truly blessed to have witnessed that.

I hope your neck stays well, that the biopsy results are good, and that you have a thoroughly good Victoria Day weekend.

Welcome back :)
My mom stayed at home with us, too, but that was the norm when I was growing up. Working moms were pretty scarce. Your parents obviously built a very strong foundation for you.

Glad you were able to join us again at the TToT!
Clark Farley said…
Welcome back (also!)…lol
I agree with the fact of the model that parents present accounts for so much of how the person 'turns out'.
Thanks everyone! I am glad to be back!!!
Christine said…
Glad to see you back at the TToT!
I pray the results for your husband are good news.
I, too, am thankful for my stay-at-home mom. Can't say they were an example of a great marriage (they divorced when I was 8), but my parents were very good at making sure I knew I was loved completely by both of them.
Those long weekends are wonderful for helping us feel like we can relax a bit. We have one coming up next weekend, and I can't wait.

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