Friday Link ups!

Happy Sunday/Monday!!!

I hope everyone had a great wknd! I worked all wknd (though I did take Friday off as a lieu day..yay!), so I am rather tired, but happy that I just have one more day of work, then I get a day off. Yay!!

Here are the five faves of this wk:

1) Gift Cards

Hubby's sister gave us our Christmas gift early: 4 GC's! One for Starbucks, one to The Bay (A Canadian department store), and one to Cineplex, $25 each, and a Visa GC for $50. We are stoked!!!

2) Time With H.

I spent a little over 48 hours with H this past wk. His mommy was away for a few days, and she had asked me awhile back if I would mind looking after him while my brother was at work. We had a such a fun time. He really is a ham, and yes, I had SUCH FUN spoiling him!!!

3) My Fairy God-Mother

AKA: My aunt who wants to clean up our house. I am not sure on how to put this, but I am not the cleanest housekeeper around (well, I used to be...then I got top it off with my working, and hubby being a bit of a hoarder (though, thanks to our shed and a spare room, that has eleviated the issue), and now that we have a kitty again, well, it can get a bit messy. Aunty V came over to see our house, and a few days later, I sent a text to our family members asking us to pray for us. She called me and said that she wanted to come and help us clean up our house to get it ready for Christmas. We weren't sure on how to take it, as we didn't think our house is TOO bad...but I really think she just wants to help us out. Besides, she is bringing and making lunch.

4) Showing (some) Restraint

I have been a little bit better at/and not spending so much money on coffee, and magazines. I SO wanted to get this wks issues of US and People, b/c it has my girl Adele on it, but I held restraint. Even my aunt said that she was impressed that we haven't had to borrow money from them lately.

5) A Husband Who Understands/Gets It:

Not gonna divulge too much info, but spent about 10 minutes (which is a long time for mean, I interrupted his listening to me while I went on and on about my day. Love it. Hashtag #blessed.

5.1) You Version Bible App

I actually had this one as Christmas/Advent Devotions, but I HAD to change it, b/c there are just so many great things I love about this app. I JUST now checked out my Christmas/Advent Devos on/in my YV Bible App. People, this is awesome. LOVE IT! There are probably 20 devos...ranging from 2 days to 30 days. It's fabulous! I am STILL trying to get through my Devotion (49 days) on Infertility that I started in the summer. I keep forgetting about it...then I may read a day or the Sciptures, but I love the devotional content. They are always so encouraging. I also just finished a 5 day devotional titled Believing in God No Matter What. It was great reading the verses and the content.

That's all for this week!!!


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