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Happy Saturday, Friends!!!

Hope everyone had a good week. My week started out not great, but then it got better. Oh wait, that was last week. This week has gone pretty well. Work is going is going well, and everything is awesome. Isn't that what everyone loves and wants to hear? Ha! Actually, it as gone pretty well. Nothing too exciting, but nothing horrible, either, so that's good.

Here are my five for this week:

1) All things Christmas!

I thought that my parents had ALL of our Christmas stuff, and it turns out, that we had a couple of boxes....some of the decorations, and ALL of my movies and, yay! I also bought some Cutie oranges yesterday-I was looking for some Mandarin oranges, but I couldn't find any-, and I am drinking my Christmas "coffee" out of our Christmas mugs. I also found and brought out my sweaters, and my winter/Christmas PJ's. I have already started listening to Christmas music from my own CD/TV/YouTube, and I have watched HA2, and have watched a couple of Christmas movies (or is it just one?). I watched Madea's Christmas, which is awesome. I am going to my brother and SIL's today to watch a Christmas movie, and drink cider. Yay!!

2) Date Night with Hubby.

Last night, A and I went on a date. Yes, a real one. We went to Montana's and we had a yummy meal, then we went and watched HG MJ PT2. I didn't get a picture of us at the theatre, as my phone was nearly dead, and I didn't get the greatest picture of my food, but trust me, we went out on a date!

We event went on a late night Wal-Mart run, as I had forgotten to grab a few things when I was there earlier in the day.

...speaking of which....

3) A New Electric Mixer

Our hand-held electric mixer died a couple of weeks ago, so we bought a new one last night for under $20 bucks. It's no Kitchen Aid, but I think it will do the trick.

4) Starbucks Christmas Mugs

I bought two Starbucks Mugs off of one of one the bidding sites yesterday. I over-bid a bit, cause I thought that EVERYONE would want them, but it turned out that I was the only bidder. Anyway..two for 7 bucks isn't bad, and I really love them.

5) A New CD (and the Restraint to buy ONLY one):

I FINALLY bought the new Carrie Underwood CD! I also ONLY bought one...despite my wanting to buy about 10 that I had seen (Christmas, and non-Christmas...yup.looking at Adele's new one), and lots of movies (both Christmas and non). Anyway...I love it!! I know have ALL her CD's!!!

6) Pop-Tarts

I have wanted Pop-Tarts for awhile now, and I finally bought some last night. Now, they are no pastry struedel, but they are pretty good. I may or may not have had two for breakfast this morning.

7) Grandma Getting Better

My gramma has been in and out of hospital (and surgery) all summer with her appendix. She got it out a few weeks back, and she is doing awesome. My mom was there when she got sick the second (or fourth, depending on how you look at it), and my other two aunts were there to help her as well. I am SO thankful that she is doing awesome!

8) TV

Ok, I know this is super-shallow, but there are some good TV shows on lately. Amazing Race, Y&R, Saving Hope, Grey's Anatomy, Hot in Cleveland (I am binge-watching season 5 as I type this), Big Bang Theory, DWTS, and a few new ones that look great, and that I have already PVR'd; Cake Wars, Farmhouse Rules, and The Pioneer Woman, plus a few movies (again, Christmas and non), that I found on several channels. I am "sad" that a few of them are now on Winter Hiatuses, but that's a few less that I have to watch :)

9) Thankful/Grateful

I just touched on/about the attacks in Paris, and Beirut last week, but I wanted say that I am SO thankful that I live in this country. Although I realize that it could happen here, I am thankful that it hasn't yet, and that we live in a relatively small city, that things like that are highly unlikely. That being said, I am also cautious that it COULD happen here.

10) Cheap Gas

Y'all, gas around here is CHEAP! And that makes me/us SO happy!!!

I filled up last night (even though our car was 3/4 full, just based on principle.

Well, those are the five and 10 for this week. Hope everyone's weekend is going swimmingly.

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amy johnson said…
Hey gal - just saw your email about the link-up. You are a "no-reply" blogger so I decided to just comment on your link :)
At the bottom of my post it says "you are next… click here to enter".
The click here to enter font is pink and may be a little harder to read, but that is where you click to enter your post!
Hope this helps! :)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
The A Team said…
Thanks, Amy! I will try that!! Have an awesome day!

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