Thought you saw a few posts of mine in your blog news feed, went to click on them, and they weren't there? Well, that's b/c I deleted them. I just am trying to be a bit more careful on what I blog about/share on social media. I will still blog (duh!), but I will keep it to just my/our personal life/infertility, and, well, that's all. Ha!

This post is going to be random, cause, I feel like it.

*The attacks in Pars (and Beirut, and Kenya-last April-, and Turkey) were horrifying. I think the end days are near, people.

*Two wknds ago, I dog-sat our friends Beagle. Oh my goodness...he is just the cutest thing ever! I had fun just relaxing, watching movies, and drinking wine.

*Tim Horton's has their Christmas cups back. I heart them.

*My grandma nearly died a couple of weeks ago, from appendicitis (again!), but she is better now.

*I had a date with a little dude the other day. He took me out for coffee, but I had to pick him up! Darn men that don't drive!!! We had a fun time...he is so cool, and chill.

*I have a serious magazine problem addiction love. You've probably  noticed that if you follow me on IG or FB. Thankfully, my library stocks most of my favourites, so I don't have to buy them all.

*While I was dog sitting, I tried to watch Sixteen Candles, and I couldn't get into it. I know. Please don't send me hate mail. I am sure I am the only girl who doesn't like it.

*My legs bother me at certain times of the month. Does anyone else have this problem?

*I did something today that I have NEVER done. I may blog about, not because I want or need to draw attention to myself, but because I felt so moved to do what I did.

*One of the posts I deleted was about the highs/lows; pros/cons; joys/sorrows of shift work. I am sad that I deleted it, and I think I will do another post.

*Our church is going through some MAJOR changes right now. We need to figure out if we stay there, or find a church closer to where we live.

*I tried the Sugar Cookie Donut at Tim Horton's, and it was GOOD, but SUPER SWEET. I also wanted to try to their Sugar Cookie Latte, but they didn't have it. I was not impressed.

*I was out for over 6 hours today. I had brunch, washed our comforter at the laundromat, tried a new (and local!) cafe and deli, went to a local thrift store, and then to the library. So fun!

*Then, I came home and got caught up on shows that I have missed, due to work, and well, work. I also watched a movie. And I read magazines. I also called my mom, and my cousin/friend.

*I actually have gotten to bed "early" a few times this last week. Shocking, I know. 1-2 am seems to be my "magic" bedtime since taking/having this new position.

*..and I know that this is NONE of my business..but SPURGEON? Really? I know why #Bessa (my couple name for Jessa and Ben Seewald) named him that, and I have to admit that Spurgeon Seewald does sound nice, but that poor child! I hope they at least call him Elliot (his middle name).

Well, I think that is a short update on us! Hubs is doing ok. I hope we will get out this wknd. We have a GC that we are itching to use. We might even catch a movie.


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