In a Blogging Funk

I seem to be in a blogging rut/funk lately. I haven't really had the urge, or desire to blog. I had a bunch of posts in my drafts, but I ended up deleting them. I have a few that I will probably publish on/in here soon, but I have to finish them. I hate when I get like this...not that having a blog is a thing that that I have to do, but it is something that I do like doing, but when I get into a funk, then I wonder if I should even continue blogging. I never know what to write, or where this blog should go. Blog link ups are fun, and all, but I don't really think they show the real me.

I have been in a funk in general. Just blah about everything. I do try to be content with my life, and to not complain, especially when we read, hear, and see of all the horrible things going on in the world. But, I definitely feeling like I am under something, I am just not sure what it is. Some of it has to do finances, and I have decided to be even more strict with our budget/spending. We shall see on how that goes. December isn't really the time to start such things, but you have start sometime!

Here are a few things that happened in the last fiscal week.

I looked after H for about 48 hours last wk. We had such a fun time. I took him to Tim Horton's, Starbucks, the library, to Wal-Mart, and to the dollar store. And, like any good auntie, I bought him things that I couldn't afford. Ha! Actually, I really didn't spend much on him. We had fun; watching some Christmas shows, taking a drive to see the lights, and having lots of fun chats. A (my brother) took us to lunch at Swiss Chalet. Yum. I took last Friday off as a lieu day, which was awesome.

I worked last wknd, and it was actually a boring wknd, but I got some paper work done, so that's good. Monday, my Aunt came to help us clean up our living room. I gotta say, I am SUPER happy that she came. Even Anker was ok with it. You wouldn't know it now, but our living room was clean. We now have Christmas stuff strewn everywhere. Tuesday, I ran some errands, and my brother came over to have is long - awaited Big Bang Theory Wknd (that was during the wk). The guys also watched Jurassic World, while I journalled in our room. I went to a ladies Christmas party at our church. I wasn't in a super good mood, but I had a fun time, anyway. I came away with a nice scarf, and a cup and coaster thing. Very cool.

Wednesday (and some of Tuesday), was spent trying to figure out on why hubby doesn't have his PWD Pharmacare coverage anymore. Neither of us were amused, and I think it is just a paper glitch, and I hope that it will be resolved SOON!! At any rate....he SHOULD get his chq this month (due to the new system, he hasn't been getting a chq since August), but we will see on the 16th.

Mom bought us some groceries, which was very helpful. We had a lot of the food while Isaac was here. We got lots of yummy treats.

We hope to get our tree and the rest of our house decorated this wknd. All while watching TV/movies, blogging, journalling, errands, and reading magazines. We shall see on how much I/we get done.

I watched a few shows today....Y&R, and a Lego Documentary that hubby had recorded, I also watched THE WIZ this evening, which was great! I love on how NBC is doing a Christmas musical every year. I missed last year (Peter Pan), and I had on our PVR for months, but I never got the chance to watch it. I did watch Sound of Music two years ago, though, and I thought that was pretty good.

I think that about sums up the last week or so. I will try to get back into semi-regularly blogging sometime in the near future next week. LOL.


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