Friday Faves!!!

It's almost Christmas!!!! I would say I am excited, but when you don't have kids, no money, and are working, well, it's not that exciting! But hey....I will put on my happy face, and give you my fave for this week. They aren't super Christmas-y, but hey, what can you do?

1) Rear View Camera

Our work van has a rear view camera. People, I am telling you all, I am now RUINED for life! I LOVE it!!! I even did a super awesome backing in parking job, btwn a pole and a van..something that I wouldn't have been able to do if I hadn't had the camera.

2) Callie

Our kitty has become so playful lately. She is really growing on us :) We heart her.

3) Friends and Family

I have a few awesome friends, and some great family members that I can talk to when I am feeling down. I have one family member who I talk with when I am feeling sad in general, my mom for when I need advice, and my SIL when I am having issues with my infertility. And friends who make me laugh when I need it!

4) Christmas Get Togethers

Hubby and I went to the KBIA Christmas party on Tuesday. I am getting together with my girls tonight, and tomorrow night is my works Christmas party. Since I am working, I will just go for a couple of hours, stick to virgin drinks (I rarely drink when I am out...especially when I am driving..anyway), and then head to work. Hubby is being excused from this party :)

5) Free Magazines

A Facebook friend of mine messaged me and said that she had a bunch of magazines to give me. I think I got 60 magazines. No lie. I had read a lot of them, but a lot of them I haven't yet, and I am so excited! Most of those ones are US and People :) The ones that I have already read I am giving away/selling on the Bidding sites.

So, that's all for this week! Merry Christmas!


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