Friday Link Ups

Yes, I am three days letting posting this..despite my being off all wknd. Ugh! are some of my favourites from this past wk.

1) Cleaning Fairy

I have already mentioned this, but my aunt came on Monday to help us get ready for Christmas, in the way of cleaning. You wouldn't know it by on how things look now, but it was clean..honest!

2) Brother/Big Bang Theory 48 Hours

Isaac came for his WAY belated birthday present. We watched Big Bang, but we also watched a few movies, which was fun.

3) Free Groceries/Free People Magazine

Mom bought us groceries again. Yay! Crackers, cheese, fruit, drinks. Yum!!! I also just found out that Mom bought the December 7th issues of People...the one with my BFF Adele on the cover, so that makes me very happy. Oh yah, and she is going to give it to me. I have been trying very hard to not buy a ton of magazines right now.

4) Actually Getting $ for Stuff  I Sold

I actually got almost $20 in 24 hours selling some of our Christmas decorations on the bidding site. Love it! It's really funny, b/c when I first started with the site, I didn't sell much AT ALL, but in the last little while, it seems that some of my stuff will sell...if even for a few cents!

5) All things Christmas

SO many things regarding this...Christmas decorating is done in our house...finding A Charlie Brown Christmas on DVD, lots of yummy treats, the 12 Stars of Christmas at Starbucks (which I just found out about today), Christmas magazines, and music...the list goes on. I am feeling a bit down about Christmas this year, but I do love the excitement and wonder that it brings as well.

It is now Tuesday night/Wednesday morning :) Almost in time to link up again for this Friday :)

Have a great rest of the week!


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