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Happy Monday!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Our went really well. Very productive, but fun as well.

 I was up and off to a staff meeting that didn't happen. I had an appointment at 11:15, so I stayed out and grabbed McD's for breakfast. I went to my appointment, and came home and hung out. I went back out and ran some errands, I think. I grabbed a few things for supper (as in nachos), and we had a lovely supper and watched some shows. I also watched THE WIZ, which was awesome. Hubby went to bed early, and I just hung out and watched that, and blogged.

Was payday!!! I relaxed in the morning, and I paid some bills. I went to Starbucks, and grabbed an Eggnog Latte, and it was SO nice, and SO busy inside, that I sat outside and journaled for a bit. I also got some Christmas Blend coffee from the GC that we got from A's sister. I went to the library, and I ran a few more errands, where I found the DVD copy of A Charlie Brown Christmas, and then went home, and Skyped with my sister, who is in Far, Far Away. We started putting the lights on the tree. We had fish and chips for supper, and I went out and had coffee with my friends at Starbucks (yes, I went to the same SBX twice in one day..lol). We had a nice time. I came home and hubby was already in his show, so I read Christmas Magazines in our room while listening to Christmas music, which was so, so fun. I think I watched some more shows when hubby went to bed. I think we got caught up on some of our shows on the PVR.

Had a nice sleep in (until 8:30..which is early for me..lol, and hung out in the morning. I dragged got hubby out to a local craft fair, which was fun. I bought some hand made earrings, and we got some sausage from the indoor Farmers' Market. We went to Tim Horton's and had a snack, and tried their Sugar Cookie Lattes. They were ok, but not great. I love the SC White Hot Chocolate, though!!! We came home and started decorating the tree. We listened to Christmas music on our TV (thanks, Stingray!) and then hubby wanted some glue and glitter, so I told him to come with me, since I didn't know what kind he wanted. We went to two dollar stores before we found what he wanted. We went to Wendy's for a quick supper. On our way back, we took a detour, and drove around and looked at some Christmas lights. SO FUN! The fact that I got him out TWICE in one day is amazing!! We did a bit more to/on the tree, and we watched A Charlie Brown Christmas, and then he went to bed, and I watched A Christmas Carol. I stayed up late, as usual, watching Christmas episodes of FRIENDS, and some of Pure Luck. I also put some of our Christmas tree decorations on the local bidding site, and all but one set sold!!!

I tried a new church (well, IT wasn't new, but it wasn't my usual church), and it was good. I grabbed a GBL, and a muffin on the way. Yes, I was late. The service was good. I might even go back. I came back, grabbed hubby, and we went to A and K's for lunch, tree decorating, cookies, and a movie. It was fun. We came home around 4, and we finished up the tree, and I decorated a bit more of the house. We listened to Christmas music, and I had popcorn for supper. I called my cousin for a late night chat, and I watched Christmas episodes of FRIENDS.

So that was our weekend. I hope that my next set of days off are a bit quieter. It was good, though.


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