That Thing I Did

This was a post that I had promised (or at least I had thought of) doing a few weeks back. So, here it is...again, it's not to brag, but I was so moved, and I do things like this so rarely, that I just feel that I should share it...

A few weeks back, I went to the local laundromat to wash one of our comforters. I had been there before, to check it out, and I had seen a gentlemen there who seemed to a know a little about the cash machine (that I had was wanting to get some cash from bills). He was oddly dressed, and definitely looked either homeless or on the down and out. So, I went there to do my comforter, and he was there. I found out that he was all but managing the place, and it seemed like he lived there. He seemed to know a lot about the place, the operation of it, etc. He was very kind, and chatty. Sadly, it smelled bad, so I couldn't stay, and I checked out a new coffee shop next door. At any rate, I would go and check on the comforter and have a chat with him, then go back and to my magazines. Towards the end, I ended up visiting him, and asking a bit about him. What really got me, though, was that he had no shoes on. He had made "shoes" out of....well, I don't even know what they were....but they were put together with string. That got me.

I decided I HAD to do something!!! I would have bought him a pair of shoes, but I didn't know his shoe size, so I went to our local thrift store, and I bought a $10 GC. I went back that evening, and since he wasn't there, I put it in a place where I had hoped he would see it. I was worried that he wouldn't find it, and that someone else would, so I went back a couple of days later, to make sure that he had gotten it, and he had. He was very thankful for it, and I hope that he used to to buy something that he needed. I am rarely moved to a point where I feel like (and can afford) I had to do something. In this day and age, where so few people help others, I felt like I had to spread a little cheer to someone that really needed it. This world is so full of hate and negativity, it was nice to do something for someone. I hope that I made his day a little brighter. It sure made mine.


Nonnie said…
Giving when it's a sacrifice for you makes the gift even sweeter for you. I'm glad you did that. I hope he bought something useful to him. Thanks for sharing.
The A Team said…
Thank you, Nonnie!!!! I hope he did, too :) I told him that it was for something to buy for himself.

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