Friday Five!!!

Happy Friday!!

It's my work wknd, so I will be incognito :) Here are my five for this past wk.

1) Decorations

Our house is finally all decorated! I would still like to add a a few more items (another bough, and maybe a Nativity set), but other than that, it's one! I hope to try to share it this wknd (btwn my work schedule).

2) Time with Hubby

Hubby went out three times last wknd; twice in one day! We had such a fun time. We went to a craft fair, had supper out, and on Sunday, we to A and K's for lunch. We also went out last night with my aunt and uncle. So fun! Earlier in the day, we went and grabbed a few groceries with our Visa Gift Card from A's sister. We got lots of fun Christmas treats :)

3) TV Movies

I love me a TV movie...I especially love me a fun/cute TV movie...even better if it is a Christmas movie. I watched a few, and one of them was A Gift Wrapped Christmas. I loved it. It was a 2015 movie, so that was awesome. I also watched "Guess Who's Coming for Christmas" a few weeks ago, which I had seen before, but I enjoyed watching it again. I haven't watched a ton of Christmas movies (TV or otherwise) yet. I am too busy catching up on our other tv shows/movies. LOL. I have watched a few Christmas specials (Great Light Fight, and a few baking specials), which have been kind of fun.

4) 12 Bonus Stars of Christmas

Starbucks is having their 12 Stars of Christmas from Dec 2-13. I didn't even know a thing about it, until a few days ago, but I have participated in one (and hopefully todays), and I got my bonus stars. Each day, you get bonus stars for buying certain items. The other day it was a Peppermint Mocha's it's the Caramel Macchiato.

5) No Snow

I love snow. At Christmas. For 24 hours. Then, it can go away. Ha! I am SO happy that our snow has melted, and I can wear shoes again!!! We were supposed to have snow yesterday, but it never did, which is kind of nice. I hate driving in it. Walking in it. I don't like it. Well, I do, but not when I have to drive/work in it.

That's my five for this week!

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