Family Wknd

Well, this post is a little bit old, and I even thought of not documenting it, but it was such a fun time, how could I not?

A few weeks back, Mom had said that she wanted to do a small party for their anniversary. She had already decided that she wanted to fly my SIL, and their two girls out from the Island, and thought that it would be a great time to have a party. She wanted it outside, complete with lights and a dance, but sadly, it rained, so we had it all inside, which was probably just as well, since it makes things a bit more work when they are held outside.

Anyway, I was originally slated to work that wknd, but since I was (and still am) off on SL, I was more than happy to go out and help them celebrate. She had called me earlier in the day, to see if we could try to make it out by 4, as she said she was quite tired. Unbeknownst to me, it was all a rouse to get me out at certain time, so that they could give me a surprise bday party!!

The funny thing was, was that I had NO IDEA that that was why she had wanted me to come out by/at a certain time. You usually cannot get one over on me, and actually, a few minutes from home, I was wondering if that WAS the reason that they wanted me to out by 4, but when I got there, and there was no party, I got quite sad!! Partly to distract me (and she wanted me to see them anyway), K had taken me to see her family pictures from when they got them done in ON, while they were out there. I had NO MORE had told her that I was down, b/c I thought that there was going to be a party, but when there wasn't one, I was sad (I was also stressed, due to our life's circumstances), then they came in singing "Happy Birthday"! I was SO happy, and SO surprised!!! (Also, a few minutes earlier, I had asked if they wanted me to help in the kitchen, and they..and K...said, very quickly..NO!). Oh...and Aunty June had come down, supposedly to visit with A, and the girls, and I didn't clue in then, either! #notfullywithit A (SIL) made a lovely chocolate cake. Cadence was the one who organized it, since she (correctly) assumed that we all wouldn't be in town/together for my bday. As far as gifts go, I got some cards, a gift card, and some china tea cups from my aunt. She gives me a few every once in awhile for my collection. Love it.

So, after the bday party of cake, and pressies, we just hung out and visited, and had supper. Mom had made spare ribs (yum!!) and stew (not so yum), and salad, I think. It was great to be with A and her girls (my nieces), N and L. They are SO adorable! They are both at such a fun age right now. N LOVES to talk, and we had some fun chats. She and H had a ton of fun together. L even got used to me after awhile. We ended up watching Bridge of Spies, which was ok...I think the last 15 minutes of the move were the best. Anker and I slept downstairs in the twin beds, since the B&B was taken, and A was in the guest room. It was actually quite hilarious!!

Saturday, we late risers had breakfast, and then I started on the dessert that I was supposed to make for the party (which took MUCH longer than was deemed necessary). I also made a list of who was doing what when. H and his mom and dad had to come back into town for something, so N was a little bored without her friend. She helped me make the dessert, which was kind of fun. The dessert took WAY longer than any of us thought, as I had never made it before (will give the recipe in a bit), and it turned out that it was only a variation of what Mom usually makes. I had no clue on if it would turn out. In the end, it turned out ok..though Moms version is way better. A (SIL) made brownies in case the dessert didn't turn out. The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging out...I think I read to N, and I played with L a bit., and Anker helped Mom by fixing their ride on lawn mower (which, by the way, I wonder why they never had one while we were growing, and also went into town to get a part for it. We sat down to dinner at around 6:30. It was a lovely dinner. We had lamb, ham, and salads.  We had a lovely dinner, and visit afterwards.

Sunday, some of us had a nice chat in the morning over breakfast, then we all went to church. Mom spoke, which was kind of fun, and then we came home almost right afterwards, and packed up to get ready to go, and then we visited when everyone else arrived home. We had lunch of leftover, and left around 4 or so. We brought K home with us, and we also visited a friend who was in the hosp (she is ok, right now), and I was so tired, that I actually fell asleep on the ride home, which almost never happens! We just relaxed in the evening when we got home.

Here are some pics from the wknd. I don't put any pics on of my nieces, for privacy reasons, but here are some of the other highlights:

                                             My birthday cake!!! Yes, I am that old!!

                                          We sibs (and in-laws) relaxing Friday or Saturday.
                                                       The dinner...buffet style!!
                                               My plate loaded up with all the goodies!!!
                              The pineapple delight that I made you can find the recipe here.
                                          The table that one of my brothers set up.


Vienna Moilliet said…
there is something so warm about reading this post....I miss you all so much and those moments of just hanging out on lazy weekends, cooking and eating together...
The A Team said…
Hey Sis!! You're reading my blog!!! We sure do miss you, too!!! Love you!!

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