Ten Things of Thankful

 I haven't participated in a TToT in/for awhile, so I thought I would this week. Here are a few highlights/thankful things from the last couple of weeks.

1) Our crazy/loud neighbours are GONE!!
Our loud, rude neighoburs are gone. We are happy. I actually want to be at home now. I am PRAYING that we get NICE people next to us.

2) Family Time./Supportive Family
Two weekends ago,  hubby and I went to my parents to hang with da fam!!! My SIL A, and her girls N and L were there, so we had a lovely time. I will probably do a post about this soon. As far as our supportive family goes, I am feeling so blessed that we do have such awesome family, who come together during hard times. We are having a tough go of things, and our family has been SO supportive. I/we heart them.

3) Bday Week/Shenanigans
This is/was bday week/wknd. I had a bunch of things planned, but due to our not having any money, people having previous plans, among other things, I don't think that anything will happen. Now, since this is going to be posted AFTER my birthday, well, maybe things may change. It is now Friday evening, and I had two birthday parties/gatherings this week. I will probably post about them soon. Or not. I haven't decided that yet. I was actually going to entitle this (and/or Friday Things' Post Birthday Edition), but truth be told, I really didn't have 10 things to be thankful about my birthday...lol. All in all, it wasn't too bad. I will probably do some sort of bday post, though. I actually had (or will have had) 4 bday parties (as of next Monday).

4) Our A/C, Fans and Cold Packs
Our A/C is up. We actually put it up last Friday or Saturday. LOVE it. Sadly, our Hydro bill probably won't like it, but we do. I love cold/ice packs. They make evenings/bedtime SO MUCH easier!!!! I know that it kind of "wets" our bed, but it it is worth it, let me tell ya. I also love our fans. My hubby fixed one of our fans that I thought was broken/headed for the dump, but he fixed it. Yay!!!

5) Mrs. (Computer) Fix-It.
I fixed my laptop (sort of) on Sunday. Well, I actually had no clue what I did...but I pressed a button, and it rebooted/fixed files on its own. I think I should open up a computer shop :)

6) Iced Tea
I have been putting off making iced tea since it warmed up, as I know that I will drink it, and I really shouldn't. I finally made some the other day, and it was WONDERFUL!!! Also, we Canadians amke our Iced Tea a little differently...we need lemon juice in it, yo, or else it just tastes like cold tea.

7) Gift Cards And Money

Anker's sister gave him a new computer, and also included a GC to our local grocery store in the package. It was MUCHLY needed. And, my aunt and uncle gave us a few bucks for my birthday. I am going to put a few bucks towards Starbucks, and the rest will probably go towards bills. ***As of Friday, I also got some more bday money...yay!! ***

 8) Warm (then Cool) Weather

A little too warm, but warm, none the less. I think it is supposed to cool off in the next day or so. It was cooling off a TAD this evening, with high clouds, etc. **As of Friday...it has cooled off...with rain..yay!!**

9) Another Follower

I am up to 34 followers now. I know, I am sure I will be on ELLEN soon, as the next coolest blogger. I am waiting for her call!!

10 )Hubby: Hubby has made a small (but great!) step regarding his faith..well, three, actually. He is helping with VBS (doing the props and stage, etc), going back to church, and wanting to make peace with God for/about some things. This made me very happy.

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I hope you had a good birthday weekend. You have lots to be thankful for!!!
Anonymous said…
Hope your birthday was great! And here's to nice, new, terrific neighbors!
The A Team said…
Hi ladies...thank you for the bday wishes!!! It wasn't too bad of a birthday!!!

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