When I first heard of the shooting in Orlando, I was confused. I thought it was an off shoot of the killing of Christina Grimmie. Then, I soon realize that it wasn't, and that it was a completely different "event". My heart breaks for the families of the people that were killed. I cannot fathom that someone would open fire and kill so many people....all because of his views on the gay lifestyle.This is such a senseless shooting. I won't get into gun control, religion, or lifestyle. I will say that all 50 of those people killed were a child of a family who loved them (ok, I don't know for sure, I am guessing so, and I hope so!!). They were a son, daughter, friend, grandchild. My hope in this is that people would have or find a sense of purpose for this horrible act. I don't know why lets senseless tragedies happen (and no, I do not, for one second, believe that God sent him to kill them. Do.Not.Believe.It. That is not the God I serve). I have been thinking about this since I knew (and saw through Social Media) what it was all about (to be fair, I actually haven't seen much of the "real news" about this since it happened...I get most of my news...most of the time through SM, which is kind of sad..though I do read our local paper sometimes, and also the Province when I am out. I should probably watch TV news once in awhile..lol). Regardless what we all think of the LGBT lifestyle, religion, and guns, we need to put all that aside, and say a prayer for the families that were involved, and again, that they would find peace and purpose.


Marisa B said…
this devastated me - we are living in evil times and something needs to done - wonderful post - thank you for sharing.

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