Show and Tell Tuesday: What's in Your Bag?

Linking up with Andrea for this Tuesday's Show and Tell Tuesday! I actually have missed the last couple of SATT's, and truth be told, I actually forgot about them! Anyhoo....this week is focusing on what is in our bags (purses). I love US Weekly's weekly column in their mag about what is in celebs' bags. It always cracks me up.

 The purse itself is nothing to exciting. I bought it from Target before they went out of business last year. I love it; I love the colour, the pockets, the style. I don't spend a t on of money on purses (or on a lot of other things). I usually only spend about $40 or so. This purse is very functional.

 My purse filled with stuff. I may have taken a few things out before I took the picture!!!

I was going to take a bunch of pictures of my contents, as I that is what I saw others do, but I didn't feel like taking a bunch of pics, so I just took one picture of all my stuff/junk.

So...what do I have my purse? I am SO GLAD you asked!!!

I have:
My wallet (duh!)
2 pens
2 pocket calendars
2 Devo booklets
3 hand lotions
2 sunglasses (only one is showing)
1 mirror
1 key chain/LED light
1 small knife
2 bobby pins
1 elastic hair band
1 key (with many key rings/)
1 lipstick
2 lip glosses
1 pack of gum
4 chapsticks
1 scredriver-thing
1 tube of skin perfector
1 local coupon book
4 anti-bacterial hand sanitizers
1 to-go stain remover
Several point cards that I never use (more of those are in my wallet...those ones i use more)
3 pieces of paper with info/devos on them
1 note book that I use for our twice-monthly girls devo group.

....wasn't that exiting?? :) Aren't you glad you asked/checked out this post? :)


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