Birthday Shenanigans

Birthdays...what can I say? I always try to drag them out and make them birthday weeks!!! I said in this post, my family had a surprise birthday party for me while/when we were there a few wks ago, which I documented :) I got a gift card to a group of stores under one name/company to go towards a bathing suit. I also got some china tea cups, and a couple of IOU's. My mom said yesterday, that her gift to me was to take me to a movie of her choice (yup, you read that her!!). At a later date, I was given some money, and lots of cards.

My next birthday celebration was at our church ladies' coffee/devotion morning. I had thought that maybe something was up, when my friend, who doesn't go much anymore kept asking me if I was going. I told her that I wasn't sure (which was true) if I was going or not, due to gas, etc. I also had some sort of an inkling that SOMETHING was going to happen, as I was going to do a birthday party, but I ended up cancelling it a week or so before it was going to happen. Hubby also came up with me, as he was helping with getting things ready for VBS.

It was a lovely celebration, and it was so, so fun!!! I got bday cards, homemade salsa, homemade hand and foot scrub, a homemade pumastone, a Starbucks gift card, money, a shawl, shower/bath puffs, a bracelet, and birthday cards! We had a lovely strawberry short cake-like cake. Yum! We also had our regular devo and prayer time. I ended up reading the devo, which was kind of fun.

I went and visited my friend Jill, who gave me a Starbucks card (we each have a usual gift of SBX cards to/for each other each year), and we had a nice visit. Poor Anker worked for almost 4 hours! He was SO tired by the time he was done. But he had a nice visit with our pastor, which was very nice. He talked about not having the peace that our pastor talked of the Sunday prior, and they had a nice chat for about a half hour. They also had a prayer time. He now prays for peace every morning. So, that was kind of a nice bday gift.

The next day, my birthday (please keep in mind that this was all last wk), he woke up feeling horrible. He didn't go and and get me anything (which I kind of understand, b/c we have no money), but he did bake a cake (from a mix, but still), and he wished me a happy birthday (which was better than last I was a bit ticked that he didn't even give me a nice bday message, buuuut what can you do? He has promised to do something with me this wk (It was supposed to be on Sunday, but we had a VBS work bee, and it keeps getting moved I guess that is the life of a sick spouse. Anyway...he wasn't well, enough to even come out to the gathering and A and K had for me, so again, I was a bit miffed, but there wasn't much I could do. We had a nice time, anyway. Jill ended up coming (her kids were at another bday party), and H talked non stop. LOL. K gave me a promise of a pedicure, which was fun. Jill's mom also sent a card, and some money :) I think I came home around 10. I know...we party hard. The itself was really nice. I loved that I didn't have to work, and that wasn't super hot. I took myself out for Starbucks, and then to the park. I know...I live on the edge!! I had a few calls, texts, and of course, my favourite...Friends writing on my wall, wishing me a happy birthday on FB :) My mom and my sister each wrote a very nice bday message for all of FB to see..others wished me happy birthday on a Coffee group that I belong to (I attached this pic), and a few ppl wished me HBD on a few other pics that I had.

Here are some pictures of the day:

 Me having my first cup of coffee that day (I think it was my only one, actually!). Yes, I took myself out for my FREE birthday drink at Starbucks on my birthday.

 Me hanging out at the Bucks. I am not usually a huge fan of their cake pops, but I had their Birthday Cake one, and it wasn't that bad.

                                                     Enjoying some reading in the sun.
                                                               My birthday balloons.

                                                The yummy dinner!!! Burgers and salad!!!

 The birthday cake. I ended up just getting and Angel Food Cake mix. Yum! And yes, there are 40 candles on that cake. Hey, you only turn 40 once, right? And, despite my bad lung function, I actually blew most of them out.
Fresh (from our garden) and frozen strawberries. Yum!!!

                          Even Google (through my accounts) knew it was my birthday!!

I have had this pic on my laptop for awhile, but I always forget to post it on my birthday (hey, everyone else does it!), so I wanted to do this year. This was one of the pics that people wished me HBD on.

AND, this past Monday, my friends from the church threw me a party. I did take pics, but they really didn't turn out well. I didn't even post them to FB. She had made a lovely sign, with balloons. I felt so special. It was out at her house, and my friend drove me out there (it is about a half hour away). We had a treasure hunt, played "Never Have I Ever" (where I may or may not have won), and charades. We had a lovely supper of ribs, corn on the cob, bean salad, chicken and rice. Yum!!! I wanted to back for ribs SO BAD, but I was too full!!! I settled for a second helping of corn instead. I got $50 of Starbucks cards (I think I got about $70 of SBX GC's, including a bit of bday money that I had put towards/on it), a shirt, a Scentsational warmer, money, chocolates, and another GC to the same group of stores (which I will use for a swimsuit, since I threw my horrible one out). I also got two prizes for wining the game, and for participating in the Treasure Hunt. It was a lovely evening, and I got home around 10:30. Again, we party hard!!

AND two semi birthday aunt and uncle came on Tuesday the 7th for a visit, as they were passing through town. They gave us money (I gave them both a little something, since he and I share the same day, and she just had her bday a few weeks prior). AND, also, on Monday, our girls home group (different from the groups that I am in..I know...I am in a lot of seems that I am busy, and cliquey..but I am really, had a cheese cake for me. (It is a bit of a long story...the girl who comes sometimes was invited to my self imposed bday party that got cnc'd, but before that, she had said that she would bring a cake, but when I told her that it was cancelled, she still wanted to make and bring a cake to our Monday morning group....but she didn't end up coming, but she brought the cake over the day before anyway. Yes, it is a long story!) It was a chocolate was SO GOOD! When I saw her today, I asked her for the recipe. I may have to find a similar recipe on Pinterest. And yes, I was responsible with some of my bday money, which I put towards bills. #thelifeofagrownup #responsibilities

So, those are my birthday shenanigans! I am so blessed to have lots of friends and family in my life who love and care for me, even tho they all tick me off at times!!!


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