It's Spring in my books!!

I know it's not "officially" spring, but it is in my books. The snow is nearly gone, and I haven't had to go out in my winter coat for a few days now, and it's warm(er)!! I usually start wearing capri pants next month. I usually wear Capri pants from April-November. True story. Unless it's REALLY cold, or I am on the beach. I love capris!! Love, Love, Love! I just love spring. The new life..warmer weather. I just love it.

Ok...I should probably update on what we've been up to. Basically, not much. I did go to Calgary on Feb 25-27. I went w/ the VCC Youth Group, as they were going to a conference. I really wanted to get out of town for a couple of days, and when I heard that they were going, I called and asked my brother (who was taking them) if I could hitch a ride. When they said that they were coming around my way, I definitely wanted to go. It was a nice weekend..I was slightly disappointed, as I was hoping to do more "girly" things w/ my aunt. In the end, one full day isn't enough to do everything. But it was a nice little break. I got to go the mall, and eat at Red Lobster, and my other brother took me out to a neat little Vietnemese Restaurant, so I was happy. The roads after Revelstoke on the way back were horrible, but we all got home safe and sound.

Work is going ok...I am tired of working in the evenings, but it's something for now. I don't plan on being there forever. I am already starting to look for something else, but I am not rushing into anything.

I am seeing my GP tomorrow, as I am a bit concerned b/c of weight gain (yes, some of it is probably my fault...but not all of it), and I have been pretty tired, and I am noticing that when I talk, I get breathless. My IM specialist is not available until mid-April. GRR!! I hope he takes me seriously, and he doesn't just tell me to lose weight. I don't have any edema, though, so that is good. I just had a visit from the RT today, and she said that everything is fine, but my O2 puls-ox was at 93, down from 96 last time. I also seem to be walking ok, too, which is good..even up hill (although my legs do get sore). I don't want it to get any worse, so I just want to get it checked out.

I saw my OB/GYNE yesterday about my cyst. He says that it is definitely nothing to worry about...and as far as the fluid surrounding the cyst (not, if any abdominal fluid), is not much to worry about. I will have another U/S in June sometime.

These past two weekends have been fairly quiet. Just running errands, cleaning house, having coffee w/

I helped to celebrate my sisters bday last Tuesday. We all went to the new Mino's ( A Greek restaurant), and it was oh-so yummy!!

So, other than health stuff (and maybe a rant or two later, really nothing new.


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